World Breastfeeding Week 2014

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Each year we run a series of guest submitted breastfeeding stories as an effort to help normalize breastfeeding, share experiences and come together to support women and families in their choice to feed their children as nature has intended.

What is World Breastfeeding Week?

Over the last few years we have collected and shared stories and accounts of breastfeeding relationships of all types. Helping normalize breastfeeding by bringing  mothers together with support, sharing knowledge and information has ultimately been the primary goal.

As we enter into the summer months and see World Breastfeeding Week is approaching we find ourselves delighted that we are able to play a small role in helping normalize the vital function of nourishment in such an amazing global movement, such as such as World Breastfeeding Week.

As many already know, breastfeeding is a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts for countless reasons and because of this, we would like to do things a little differently this year. In addition to bringing wonderful stories from real mothers, real babies/children and their journey through breastfeeding, we will be hosting some fantastic giveaways as well.

If you are interested in sharing your candid experience breastfeeding, we would love to hear from you. What we mean by ‘candid’ is that we are not looking for scripted stories. We understand that each breastfeeding experience,  from birth to birth and woman to woman is incredibly unique, we welcome all types of submissions including stories of complete success, stories involving Complications, Milk Sharing, Milk Donation, Wet Nursing, SNS/Tube Feeding, Exclusive Pumping, etc. We are also delightfully accepting information based submissions as well.

We invite you to check out our World Breastfeeding Week stories from previous years and hope that you will be a part of our present WBW and our future WBW Adventures.

If you are interested in a story submission, you may Contact Us by email at: and be sure to visit our Facebook Page and say hello!

Why World Breastfeeding Week is Important
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Milk and Honey Breastmilk Soap (with variation)


I love making soap. One of my personal favorites is Milk and Honey Breastmilk soap. My son had severe Eczema and having a good quality soap for him to use has always been priority.

While I believe in using the best quality oils that you can afford, I understand that ordering premium oils from online retailers isn’t an option for everyone, so I have included a recipe that calls for oils that can easily be found in any grocery store. The soap quality wont be the same as it would be if you were using premium oils, but it still by far a better quality product than any soap you will find at Walmart/Target Retailers.

List of Soap Making Supplies You Will Need to have before you start.

*Always use a scale to measure your ingredients. Soap making should only be done when you have available time where your children will not be inthe direct area where you are working.

Milk and Honey Breastmilk Soap
(Premium Oils-Do not alter the Type of Oils or the Quantity of each oil without using a Soap Calculator)

8oz Avocado Oil
12oz Coconut Oil
12oz Olive Oil
18oz Cocoa Butter
3oz Bees Wax

7.25oz Lye Crystals (Sodium Hydroxide)
17.5oz Frozen Breastmilk

3 Tablespoons Raw Honey *Optional (You can omit the Honey and use Essential Oils such as Lavender or Orange Essential Oils)

Bubble Wrap (Honey Comb) *Optional

Soap Mold *Mine is 15 inches Long, 3.75 inches Wide and 2.5 inches Tall/Height, made out of wood boards from Home Depot (They have a no hassle 10% Military Discount with Valid Military ID, Lowes offers this discount but a Manager has to be called to the register to complete the transaction) Photo Below (my molds do not have bottoms, so they are not moved with soap inside of them.

Always add your Lye Crystals to the Liquid, never the other way around. (I remember this by thinking of a clogged drain, you add your drain cleaner to the water clog.) Please Note: Lye Crystals is not the same as Drano or any other Drain Cleaners you will find in a hardware store. You will almost always have to order your Lye and have it shipped to you.

Melt your hard Oils (Coconut and Cocoa Butter) and your Bees Wax. A Double Boiler is recommended. Add your liquid oils to your hard oils and allow your oil to cool to 110°. I always do this part first when I am working with any Milks.

Fill your kitchen sink with cold water.

Add your frozen, pre-measured Breastmilk to your clean pot. Add your measured Sodium Hydroxide (Lye Crystals) to the frozen breastmilk and continue to stir. The mixture will get hot (like 190°) and will release a puff of steam that you wont want to inhale (it will make you cough) but will dissipate quickly. You can submerge the bottom off your pot in the cold water to help bring down the temperature of the mixture, you don’t want to scorch the breastmilk. Be sure water from the sink isn’t able to get into the pot. Continue to stir until all of the Lye  Granules have dissolved. You may see small bits of a substance that looks like grease that has been wiped out of a wet pan with a sponge, this is okay. It is the fat in the breastmilk reacting with the Sodium Hydroxide. Continue to watch your mixtures temperature while stirring. You will want your Milk/Lye mixture has come down to 105°. Your heated oils in your other pot should be around 105° also by this point.
Once your Oils and your Milk Mixture is within 5° of each other (and both are between 105-110°) you will pour your oil mixture into your Milk mixture and you will stir until it turns into a uniformed soup-like like consistentcy (this is called ‘Thin Trace’). Once you have reached this point, you will add your honey and mix it until all of the honey has been completely incorporated. You will then stir until your mixture turns into a texture similar to a soft set pudding (Medium Trace), and then you will pour your soap into your lined mold.
If you have chosen to make the honeycomb design, you will take your bubble wrap and press the bubble side into the top of your soap mold and be sure the bubbles have become complete submerged and that you can see the soap mix in between each little bubble. Any popped bubble wrap buttles will look damaged when the bubble wrap is removed (so keep your bubble wrap away from kids, I have made a few batches of honey soap that had a row of popped bubbles all the way down the length of the soap and it was cosmeticly distracting but didn’t harm the overall effect). Leave your soap to rest for 48 hours before removing it from the mold. Once you have unmolded your soap you can peel the bubble wrap off and cut your soap.

This recipe will make 73.5oz of solid soap. You will need something suitable to pour your soap into. My soap mold is a homemade wooden rectangle. I line my mold with freezer paper (smooth side inward). Your soap will need to be cut (I use a Mitre Box, which is also handmade since soap slices uneven, similar to a block of cheese. Once your soap has been cut, it will need to cure for approximately 6 weeks to harden and cure. This recipe makes approximately 15 standards sized bars of soap.

My Mold and My Mold Lined with Freezer Paper.
Soap Mold photo 20140721015240388.jpg_zpsgykdujwg.png

Breastmilk and Honey Soap
(Using Store Bought Oils)

18oz Vegetable Shortening (not animal fat or Lard)
12oz Coconut Oil
12oz Olive Oil
8oz Coconut Oil

3 Tablespoons Honey

16.5 oz Breastmilk
7.1 oz Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

Follow instructions for preparation above.

Jumbo Packets of Cat Coloring Sheets

Cat Coloring photo Screenshot_2014-07-06-20-34-31-1_zpspxgdz9xy.png

Cat Lover? Who isn’t!? If you have a little one who enjoys coloring, here three packets of Cat Coloring Sheets that are nearly 50 pages each. Surely your little one will find something they would like to color in here.

Free Cats Coloring Pack Vol. 1

Free Cats Coloring Book Vol. 2

Free Cats Coloring Sheets Vol. 3

Mensa Society Testing July Special $25

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Being a Former Mensa Member, I thought I would pass this information along to anyone else who may be interested in membership with Mensa.

Mensa Society, the high IQ society, provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members. There are members in more than 100 countries around the world.

IQ Score Scale

Mensa activities include the exchange of ideas through lectures, discussions, journals, special-interest groups, and local, regional, national and international gatherings; the investigations of members’ opinions and attitudes; and assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence or Mensa.

Free IQ Test Online

Who Can Join?
Membership of Mensa is open to any peeson ovee the age od 14 who has attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised.

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Quotient Test

Mensa Society offers a FREE Workout intelligence quiz in which you have half an hour to answer 30 questions. The Workout can’t be used for qualification to join Mensa, but you can see how well you do!

Cattell Infant Intelligence Scale

Mensa Society has a variety of Benefits available to members. There are approximately 200 Special Interest Groups (also known as SIG or SIGs) which cover a vast array of topics from Beekeeping to Egyptology and everything from Chocolate to UFOs in addition to Monthly Gatherings, Discussions, Newsletters and Activity Outtings with other Mensa Members who share a similar intellectual interest. 

Theories and IQ Testing

What Does It Cost?
Mensa Society Fee Schedule can vary. However, there is a Special during the month of July (2014).

Member List and IQ Scores are not part of public domain.

Interested? If so, you can fill out their information request Form and make arrangements to be tested.

It is not necessary for Former Member to repeat the testing and qualification process again. You can Reinstate Membership.

Or maybe you just want to take an IQ Test, just for fun.

IQ Test

Okay, maybe that one wasn’t much fun. (For Fun)
Fun IQ Test

Personality Test (Free/No Registration Required)

Simple Ideas for Keeping 4th of July Healthy

4th of July Mason Jars photo f83d4bb311526cbe624fbf6de84c3d21_zps3nqxlv8l.jpg

Everyone loves a good BBQ at 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day. For a lot of people this means Hot Dogs chok full of fillers, fatty Hamburgers, soda and greasy potato chips. Of course this stuff is tasty but you can still do fun, easy and tasty food thats good for you.

Fruit Infused Water Recipe is great. You can opt out of drinking soda and up your water levels the natural way.

Organic Grass Fed All Beef Hot Dogs This place carries all kinds of organic meats and food items. *shipping on orders over $200 is free!

Organic Ground Beef 85/15 and its priced amazingly fair granted what you would pay for Organic Ground Beef at your local grocer. *again, free shipping on orders over $200

 photo 6a00d8358081ff69e2019102a72564970c-800wi_zpshiu32ajz.jpeg

Organic Sweet Potato Chips…don’t they lool delicious? They cost roughly the same as large bag of conventional chips but they taste great and its a nice change of scenery for your guests. You may turn your friends and family onto something new. If you have a deep fryer and a food processor, you could surely make your own Sweet Potato Chips too using this easy to follow recipe.

Fruit Kabob photo fruit-kabob_zpsdegnvusx.jpeg
Organic Fruit Kabobs are another great way to get, healthy, cooling foods into the body that hydrate and taste great at the same time.

Fruit Tart photo c9cc1ee8d686a69b6f6a37bbdc3d7747_zpssvsn92gp.jpg

Fresh Fruit Tarts are a great idea.

Do you have a great 4th of July healthy food option that you love? Let’s hear it!

4th of July Nails for Independence Day

Independence Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Who am I kidding?! I love all of the Holidays, however the Patriotism that is shown for America and our nations servicemen and servicewoman is uplifting. I love that people come together and celebrate and honor our freedom and show support in the Land of the Free is awesome, even if it does come in the form of Nail Art, as long as the meaning is know, I love the idea. Hope you like theae 4th of July inspired designs.

 photo picsay-1403770233_Ingrid_Clean_zps8cd4npbu.jpg

 photo 8b1d9d4e3c9e3605c20db3b7044597db_zpsr7o2cr2i.jpg

 photo 579124d0a1e2b815e618b55cc6665496_zps1zwyqnfw.jpg

 photo 1cee5b8f99d72aac8ea6b92fff3e8bca_zps1w0mhr65.jpg

 photo 7a152b2c251313e1a74f0486971f0bf2_zps0saskkul.jpg

 photo 9b578e5472c1ea26a97bd4633092733f_zpsgl9tface.jpg

 photo ba97ab2523bc4767017da149c9b69625_zpskjfxruuh.jpg

 photo 14c94c0418e92f00785c9678f7e2fd5e_zpsajvhn7uo.jpg

 photo 926e813931c6f4a243ba1e9a65648ec0_zpsqtd1kcso.jpg

Terra Shield – Repel Pesky Pests


‘Tis the season of garden hands, warm wind through your hair, sandy bums, festivals, and unfortunately pesky pests, too. I recently found a nontoxic, non-synthetic way to rid my family of those unwanted bugs from buzzing us back inside a sealed home.
Doterra’s Terra Shield Essential Oil Blend is a heavenly combination of oils that keep those pests away from your home, garden, and your entire family.

Formula: Citronella, Cedarwood, Skimmia, Laureola, Catnip, Amyris, African Sandalwood, Cabrueva Balsam, Wild Orange, Fir Needle, Eucalyptus, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Genet Absolute, Rose Oil in a base of fractioned coconut.

Shields: Ants, Beetles, Fleas*, Chiggers*, Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes *, Moths, and Spiders*.
* if the insects have already bitten you, Terra Shield will help relieve the effects of the bite.

How To Use: Aromatically (diffused), the essential oils are atomized into minute ion particles and active oxygen anions, which diffuse essential oils into the environment.
Neat, apply the oil to your skin undiluted. Thus, meaing that you do not need to add a carrier oil.
Mix oil in a spray bottle with water, this does not dilute the oil, but it will need a good shake before applying. *I used a 2 oz bottle and add 5-10 drops of Terra Shield depending on how vicious the pesky pests are.

Who Can Use Terra Shield: The whole family, including your family dog (sprayed on, drops on collar), can enjoy this essential oil blend.

Whether you use it on your family, in your kitchen to keep fruit flies, and ants away, or on and around your garden, one must know the side effects of this oil. These side effects include enhanced mood, increased circulation, improved lymph drainage, improves mental clarity, alertness, and boost the immune system. Enjoy!

Terra Shield Essential Oil Blend can be purchased in 15ml bottles, which is approximately 250 drops of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils directly from My DoTerra Shop.