A Changed Perspective

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My husband and I come from a long-line of circumcisers. Both of our dads, grandpas, brothers, uncles (ect) have all been circumcised so we really never put much thought into it, it’s just “what you do”. We had our first son in 2001, back then our hospital still did them. I know we signed the consent form while I was in labor. Sometime after he was born they took him and did it, I was unaware. He just came back and I was startled at first when I opened his diaper to find it bloody and gauze covered. But of course knew why. We went home and that was it, it healed and we never had any problems. 5 years later we have boy #2, at this point insurance companies would no longer pay for them to be done in hospital so our pediatrician did it in his office. We could hear his screams for what seemed like forever from down the hall, after he was returned to me it was a good 45 minutes before I could get him calmed down and he cried till he was blue in the face. However, days later he was healed and all was healed and all was well.

3 years later we have boy #3. My views on a lot of things had changed and I was really very much so on the fence about circumcising, however my husband was not. He wanted it done. I had done my research and really felt it was just unnecessary and I remembered all that crying but like many moms I figured dad has a penis, he knows what’s best, right? Our 3rd son was a large baby (10lbs 8ozs), when I called our pediatrician to schedule he had concerns that he might be too big for their equipment, especially since they were booked out 6 weeks in advance for circumcisions (they only do 1 a day) and he would grow a lot in 6 weeks. It seemed like everything was trying to tell me not do this, including my gut instinct. But then 2 days later we get a call and they have an opening for us. So we go in and this time the doctor welcomes us to be in the room for it all. We stay and watch as they give him 2 injections in the side of his penis of pain relief and hook up the bell and walk away for a while. I was surprised because there wasn’t the crying that I remember with our second son, it was fast and really just didn’t seem as horrible as I had imagined. We take him home and change gauze as instructed 12 hours later and it all looks just like it did with the other boys, skin was back and the entire head of the penis was exposed. The next day I open his diaper to change him and notice it looks just like it did pre-circumcision except the skin is beyond tight all the way around his penis. I called the nurse and she says “oh that’s normal, no big deal, as it heals the skin will retract back”. Well, it didn’t. As the days went on it became obvious his penis was not like our other boys. At first it looked like they had cut the wrong skin, as if they had left the foreskin but cut the back skin -if you can imagine. It was really not pretty. I took him to see several different doctors, all who agreed, the cut was done poorly (and unevenly) and on top of that it did not heal right and they labeled it as a “botched circumcision”. The most recent doctor we’ve seen said it could have been so much worse and that we’re actually pretty lucky with this. They all suggested the same thing -wait and see. No point to doing anything until we know how growth will effect it and as long as he is able to urinate the tightness of the skin isn’t an issue, yet.

2.5 years later the skin has grown and it’s not tight like it used to be. To see him you would guess he was uncircumcised however the skin retracts to the point where you can see that he has a complete bridge -meaning the skin has fully fused (healed) around the glands of his penis and the skin is quite uneven. At his age it’s impossible to say if it will require surgery to correct it, we’ve been told that occasionally the skin can “pop” off when they get a little older and have erections/start exploring with things (much like it does with uncircumcised boys) or it could stayed fused; knowing that it healed as a complete bridge the doctor felt it unlikely that it would release on it’s own. He could never have a problem with it and be perfectly fine with it just the way it is or he may find it to be very painful as a teenager and need surgery to fix the bridge. Or he may opt for surgery purely for cosmetic reasons. At this point we don’t know if there was/is nerve damage and should he require surgery to correct it, we don’t know what kind of nerve damage that could cause. You hear of botching circumcisions but you never think it’ll happen to you, until it does. I think all men will agree that their penis is a pretty important part of their body and we’re left with a lot of guilt knowing that our decision to circumcise for no real reason at all could have a great effect on his sex life later on. Not something a parent wants to think they could have essentially ruined for their own child. So now expecting baby #4, should this baby be a boy he will remain intact. We learned our lesson the hard way and now firmly believe that you shouldn’t try to fix what isn’t broken to begin with. Hindsight is 20/20 and I sure wish I could go back and undo what was done, but we can’t so we just learn from our mistakes and hope that telling other parents about our situation could hopefully prevent them from being where we are now.

5 thoughts on “A Changed Perspective

  1. American medicine has made no honest attempt to count circumcision complications. I know of no careful study of a random sample of adult male genitalia, and of the spouses of the owners of that equipment. No careful study of how circumcision might contribute to PE and ED in the adult. I think there should be a complete moratorium on circumcision until such a study has been carried out.

  2. @cosmopolite: That’s not going to happen, circumcisions are a way too good business. First you pay for the circumcision, next the foreskin is sold to factories which use them to grow skin for transplantation. As much as a football field surface equivalent from 1 baby foreskin. Next someone pays for the skin. You understand that they won’t endanger all this just in the name of happy sexual life of some 100 billions of American men?

  3. Here’s a brief history of brain-dead claims about circumcision as given in USA by the medical “authorities”. Look at the dates. As you can see the white men’s science was still recently close to middle-ages witchcraft and probably still often is.

    1832: prevents nocturnal emissions
    1845: prevents masturbation
    1855: prevents syphilis
    1865: cures epilepsy
    1870: cures epilepsy
    1870: prevents spinal paralysis
    1871: Jews are immune to masturbation
    1873: cures bed wetting
    1875: cures curvature of the spine
    1875: cures paralysis of the bladder
    1875: cures clubfoot
    1879: cures nocturnal seminal emissions
    1879: curse abdominal neuralgia
    1881: cures eye problems
    1886: prevents crossed eyes
    1888: prevents masturbating
    1890: cures blindness
    1890: cures deafness
    1890: cures dumbness
    1891: “foreskin constitutes a harbor for filth”
    1891: “foreskin is a constant source of irritation”
    1891: conduces to masturbation
    1891: adds to the difficulties of sexual continence
    1894: circumcising Blacks prevents them from raping White women
    1894: cures urinary incontinence
    1894: cures rectal incontinence
    1900: needed to desensitize the penis
    1901: needed to desensitize the penis
    1902: foreskin causes epilepsy
    1914: Dr. Abraham L Wolbarst demands compulsory circumcision
    1914: prevents tuberculosis
    1926: prevents penile cancer.
    1930: Dr. Norton Henry Bare claims that he has cured a boy of epilepsy by circumcising him
    1932: prevents penile cancer
    1935: promotes chastity
    1941: blunts sexual sensitivity
    1941: foreskin must be forcibly retracted and scrubbed daily
    1942: prevents prostate cancer
    1949: prevents venereal disease
    1949: prevents cancer of the tongue
    1949: elimination of circumcisions in the United Kingdom
    1951: Abraham Ravich invents the falsehood that circumcision prevents cervical cancer in women.
    1953: creates immunity to all mental illness
    1954: prevents cervical cancer in women
    1969: cures masturbation
    1969: cures nervousness
    1971: prevents cancer of the bladder
    1971: prevents cancer of the rectum
    1973: “all who disagree with circumcision are mentally ill”
    1985: prevents urinary tract infections
    1986: prevents AIDS
    1988: prevents strept throat
    1989: Edgar J. Schoen declares circumcision is necessary
    1991: Edgar J. Schoen tries and fails to convince European countries to institute mass circumcision.
    1991: Aaron J. Fink declares mass circumcision is necessary to prevent sand from getting under soldiers’ foreskins.
    1993: Gerald N. Weiss declares that Langerhands cells in the foreskin lead to HIV infection.
    1997: Edgar J. Schoen tries and fails once again to convince European countries to institute mass circumcision.
    2003: Edgar J. Schoen steps up pressure on American Academy of Pediatrics to reverse its policy on circumcision, claiming that circumcision prevents AIDS.

    More absurdly claimed foreskin related illnesses:
    arthritic hips
    chicken pox
    kidney disease
    moral depravity
    rectal prolapse
    spinal curvature
    stomach infection

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