Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues: A Summary

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With my first baby I had flat nipples, post partum depression (which I saw the reality of many months later when the fog lifted), sleep was terrible, and I was terrified of the baby waking knowing that I’d have to attempt nursing again.  The doula, health nurses, a lactation specialist, nipple shields, blocked ducts, bleeding nipples and the list goes on.  We had so many challenges in the early months, but I was determined to breastfeed, even going so far as to take the free container of formula and giving it to the food bank so that I would not be tempted to use it!  It took me three months to be able to breast feed in public and that was with the pillow and the whole get up!  It took about 6 months before I was not in any pain breastfeeding.
My daughter breastfed for two years and I absolutely loved breastfeeding her as time went on.  I’ve gone on to have two more children since her, and both of my breastfeeding stories with them are completely different.  The middle guy latched on like an expert from day one nursed on a park bench three days later and nursed 26 months in total.  My youngest had some issues (all of them had a short frenulum – the part between the upper lip and the gum) but with experience I knew how to make it comfortable for us both.  He’s still nursing strong at 21 months.  I absolutely love breastfeeding!  I encourage all my friends to breastfeed and offer to help and because I had such a hard time in the beginning I can totally understand how they are feeling if things aren’t going as smoothly as they would like.
Story By: Melinda G.

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