Tales of My Boobie Babies

My breast feeding journey began a little over 8  years ago as a terrified first time 21 yr old mommy . I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Super Bowl Sunday 2004 . I knew I wanted to bf him but I had zero support , my boyfriend at the time was totally against it , and my whole family kept telling me how hard it would be and that I couldn’t do it . I grabbed the nurse when I had a quiet moment and she helped me put my baby boy to my breast . I knew I was doing the right thing despite everyone’s opinions . He had a great latch , but was a lazy eater … We survived mastitis , thrush , cracked nipples , I had to learn to pump so I could return to work … I worried constantly about my supply … But we did it ! Just us against the world it seemed . I will never forget the night I realized he was weaning himself . 14 months of the most amazing bond was ending , he looked at me and said mommy no thank you , no ” na na ” tonight . He cuddled into me and I rocked him to sleep . I cried for a week , my milk dried up … And I had Beaten all the odds ! Gage is now 8 1/2 and a joy , he rarely gets sick , and is in the advanced placement class in school !

Current day lol I’m actively nursing my 5 mo new addition . His name is Hunter and is a breath of fresh air 🙂 This go round is a lot different , I have the support of a man who loves me , and my family has pretty much figured out that im gonna breast feed regardless of opinion ! He was born 3 weeks early as an emergency c-section and weighed in at a tiny 5 pounds … He’s a fighter and latched right on after recovery , I fought with nurses who wanted to supplement bc he was small and won , he never left my side . We left the hospital a day early because I just needed to be home and he left at birth weight , my milk came in with a vengeance and we never looked back . He’s a happy healthy baby boy and has had nothing to date but the milk mommy makes for him . I only hope that his journey like his brothers ends on his terms , when he is ready , whenever that may be .

With all of that said , I’m a firm believer in attachment parenting , and an a avid practicer . Why is it so frowned upon in society to just let children be little ? I don’t see a thing wrong with baby led weaning , If my babies are crying , they need me , and that is just what they will get .

Happy Nursing: Gina 

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