Help from an Expert Nurser

This story is not my own. Nevertheless, it is an inspiring story. I did play a major role in it’s positive outcome, so in that respect, I guess it is partially mine.

I was in a study group, and we happened to go off topic, and lead a discussion about nursing other children’s babies in emergency situations (as when mom suddenly needs an emergency procedure and the like). Most of us agreed we’d arise to the situation, and if the friend was willing, would nurse their babies for them.

Shortly after that, I was reading through Yahoo! Answers, and someone posted about what to do for her sister-in-law, who was having a hard time with her baby nursing, her nipples and the babies sucking abilities were just not adding up. I then did a research, and found in a different posting of this poster that she had a 2 yr. old who was still nursing, So I private messaged her, and told her that if she was up to it, her 2 yr. old can try to nurse from her sister-in-law, since he’s an “expert” nurser, and thus help draw out her nipples. Meanwhile, since her nipples are in good shape. I lost contact immediately following the email I sent her, but eventually we reconnected, and she told me it worked! Her son was sooo excited to nurse from his aunt, since they had a close relationship already, and her nipple problem was solved, and the sister-in-law’s baby was able to then latch on without a hitch!!

2 thoughts on “Help from an Expert Nurser

  1. That’s really cool. I remember reading years ago about how in some cultures when a women has a baby the other women have their older nurslings nurse on the new mama so she can feel what a good latch is and to also stimulate milk production. I wish I would have had this opportunity when I had my son.

  2. I’m the contributor to this story, and it seems that there is one incomplete sentence. I don’t want to leave everyone hanging, so here’s the rest of that sentence.

    The incomplete sentence:

    Meanwhile, since her nipples are in good shape.

    the rest of the sentence: maybe she can nurse the newborn.

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