Arizona Law pertaining to Vaccines CHANGED!

 photo 1f1acb04b6741706f8e62efdb56d5a4e_zpsdsv83jjv.jpg

A few months ago I posted breifly about something very close to my heart in regards to families who do not vaccinate their own biological children being ineligible to provide loving foster homes for children in protective custody (despite these families are willing to comply with laws and regulations requiring the children in foster care to receive all vaccines outlined in that particular childs case plan/medical records/laws).

Non-Vaccinating families simply were ineligible. There was no exceptions being granted for medical reasons or any other reason that we were aware of.

A small group of friends really made it their mission to change this. And they did.

Here are a few of the articles published about this:

When and Why it Started

Foster Provider Vaccine Requirement Law Changed

This is not just a victory for non-vaccinating families but also a victory for the children who have been removed from their homes and need a safe and loving place to live. This alone opens up approximately 10% more eligible family homes for children who need a safe, loving home. 10%…This is outstanding news and a major victory for the children.

So, if you know a non-vaccinating family in Arizona who was previously ineligible to foster a child in need, be sure to share this information with them so they can re-apply!

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