Non-GMO & Organic Food…Why does it matter?

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We are all hearing about Organic Food. Monsanto is a name recognized in households everywhere. Yet so many people don’t understand what kind of risk and impact (contains graphic images) that eating GMO/Pesticide laden food has. I admit, I kinda didn’t ‘get it’ myself for a long time. I figured I was eating fruits and vegetables and those are good for you…so what’s the big deal??That brings me to one of my all-time favorite quotes… “Time is a great teacher, unfortunately it kills all of it’s pupils”.

My husband grew up in a small farming community. On a recent visit he was talking about planting our garden and a someone gave him a sack of (commercial) seeds to try. He told my husband “Don’t touch the seeds with your hand”.


Maybe this will help put a lot of things into perspective. It did for me.

The next two images are of a package of seeds produced by Abbott & Cobb, Inc Seedware. Images are front and back of package.



The next two images are seeds labeled Nunhems and Part of Bayer CropScience.  Images are front and back.



Thiram Toxicity Information Thiram has been used to treat the seeds contained in each packet.

This packet of seeds is labeled Nunhems. This package was received opened.



These seeds have been treated with Metalaxyl-m (Mefenoxam), Fludioxonil and Azoxystrobin

And Good Ol’ Del Monte…(Thiram)


We also know companies like Monsanto have spent astronomical amounts of money to keep laws preventing required disclosure and labeling in their favor, all while telling you there is ‘nothing to see…move along’.

What can you do to help? Eat only food produced organically.

You can grow your own garden from certified organic seeds.

You can shop Farmer’s Markets and buy from Farmers who pride themselves in producing organic fruits and vegetables.

Printable List of Monsanto Companies you can avoid

Comprehensive list of Products containing GMOs

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