Friday’s Free Kindle Books

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I look for books to help incorporate with things we talk about, do projects with, and include in our outtings for my unschooled 3 year old. I tend to get pretty creative, as most parents must to tie all of these things together into fun learning for our littles.
How have you incorporated books with projects, outting, etc to help with learning for your kiddo?
I have included a bonus at the bottom for you to help guide your in your teachings.

Happy Free Book Friday Crispy’s!!!

All in a Jam (free)

Brick ABC (free)

The Mother’s Day Gift (free)

Airplanes (free)

Supper Suprise (free)

Octopus 50 Fun Facts (free)

Hugo  The Island of Empathy   (free)

Learn to Count with Cedric the Shark (free)

I Know A Cat (free)

Silly Like (free)

Let’s Go to Sleep Little Sheep (free)

Learning Numbers (free)

The Real Story of Stars (free)

Learn to Count (free)

*Bonus* One For Mommy:

Gifted Education Strategies For Every Child (free)

These books are free only today, October 25th, 2013.

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