Lavender Soap Recipe


This is one of my favorite bars of soap. Well, one of my favorite favorites anyway.

I usually use a soap mold which is a mold that I made specifically for 50 oz oil recipes. The mold holds approximately 73 oz total. If I made a soap that has a few more oz than this mold will hold I will pour my additional soap into a silicone 1×1 inch brownie bite pan and when its ready, Ill pop it out and give it to someone as a sample. So don’t stress if your mold holds 72 oz and its a 73 oz recipe. No need to discard anything.

You can make this a very simple bar or you can make it more intricate. Its all up to you and your comfort level.

You will need to gather your Soap Making Supplies and set up and line your soap mold with freezer paper. 


16.50 oz Distilled Water
6.5 oz of Lye Crystals

Pour your Lye Crystals into your Distilled Water. ALWAYS start with your water in the pot first and add your Lye Crystals to the water. Do not add Water to the Lye Crystals this will cause it to Erupt, similar to a Vinegar/Baking Soda Volcano.  An easy way for me to think of it is by thinking of it like a clogged drain. With a clogged drain you would add the Drain Cleaner to the water. You need to stir your Lye and Water to prevent the Lye from forming a hard Crystal mass on the bottom of your pot.

40 oz Olive Oil
5 oz Coconut Oil
5 oz Castor Oil

Your oils will needed to be heated to 105° to heat the oil and melt any hard oils. Tracking your temperatures is important.

Your Lye will need to be cooled to 105°.
Once your Lye Mix and Oil  temperatures are close to 105° (oil and lye mixture temperatures need to be within 5° of each other) you will pour your lye mixture into your oils and begin stirring them together.

Hand Stirring can take upto an hour. Using a stick blender can speed this time up dramatically. I use a stick blender.

If you do not plan to add anything to this, you can mix until trace (when it starts to look like Pudding) and pour it into your mold. If you plan to just use an essential oils as a fragrance, add it now. For this recipe, you can add 3 teaspoons Lavender Essential Oil and mix it well to incorporate the Lavender Oil thru all of the soap. 

You can add Lavender Powder or Soap colorant to your mixture. When I add powders to my soap I will separate a small bowl of soap out of the pot and mix my powder into that soap until its well blended and there are no remaining chuncks or dry parts. I continue to stir the soap in the pot by hand to keep it from solidifying to a point where I cant add the powder/soap mixture back into the pot. It all depends on how you want to see your finished product look.

I will go over Layering and creating ‘Pencil Lines’ in Soap in the near future so watch for that!

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