Pinecone Bird Feeder


Growing up, making Pine Cone Bird Feeders was one of my favorite things to do. My mom routinely bought large bags of bird seed because she enjoyed the birds but pinecones were not indigenous to our geographical area. Often, friends who lived in areas where pine cones grew would save them for us.

Now I find myself getting excited all over again when I see pine cones in the stores (unfortunately these are cinnamon scented pine cones and have been treated with chemicals and should not be used for bird feeders).

They are super easy to make, even for toddlers. You can use big ones or small ones. Keep in mind some pine cones have a sharp tip on the ends of each leaf, be sure to check if yours has these. If they do, a nail file, sand paper or even a pair of scissors should be able to take this point off.

You will need:

Pine Cones (as few or as many as you want…I’m a ‘more is better’ kinda gal, myself)
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed (Wild Bird Seed or Black Oil Sunflower Seeds)
String (to hang it)
Scissors (to cut string)
Popsicle Stick (to smear PB on)

Its easiest to cut your string and tie it onto the top (the more narrow portion) of the pinecone. Be sure to give yourself enough string that you can tie it to a patio eve or a tree branch. If you have a hook under the eve of the patio you can create a loop on one end of the string to hang it.

Smear peanut butter on each ‘leaf’ of the pine cone. Its a good idea to put your peanut butter on a plate since pine cones can be dirty and you dobt want anything ending up in your jar. Each leaf doesn’t have to be covered with peanut butter from end to end, but the more surface covered in peanut butter means to more seeds that will stick to the pine cone.

Once your pine cone has been coated in peanut butter, roll it in the bird seed and hang it.

Once the birds have eaten the seeds you can reuse the pine cone again and again.

If your pine cone isn’t getting much attention from the birds, move it to a new area.

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