Practical Uses for Clothes Pins


Being that I don’t own a clothes dryer, I tend to have lots of clothes pins. Sometimes even being used for all kinds of things other than what they were ‘designed’ for, which means I usually have more in my house than I do on my clothes line.

Anyone who has used clothes pins knows that they are not capable of giving you a truly strong hold on anything but they have loads of practical uses and even more possibilities in the art/craft department.

The above pictured clothes pins have been wood burned and get used in the kitchen as bag clips, bread clips and to close packages.

1. Bread & Chip Bag Clips

2. Holding your nose during diaper changes

3. Yarn, Twine, Ribbon Holder (keeps it from getting tangled and makes it easy to unwind what you need and nothing more)

4. Clipping Papers Together

5. Fridge Magnet (Hot Glue a Magnet on the back)

6. Holding Shirts & Pants on the Hanger (great on slippery material or on items that don’t have those nifty little strings inside to help them stay on a hanger)

7. Crafts (endless ideas)
     • Cute Halloween Clothes Pins
     • Super Cute Washi Tape Pins doesn’t even need to be Halloween themed.
     •Delightful Dragonflies

8. Marking Starter Pots for the Garden (I start alot of my Garden Plants in Plastic Mouth Wash Cups and clipping a labeled clothes pin on the cup makes it easy to keep track of what is what. They can also be saved for the following season too)

9. Labeling Cords Behind the TV, Computer,  Entertainment Center. (I like to place a pin on the cord near the plug on the Surge Protector so I know which plug goes to which device in the event I need to pull a plug)

What do you use clothes pins for? We would love to hear your ideas!

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