Mini Gift Bag


We don’t do many traditional holidays in the traditional sense that most people do. We do alot of ‘DIY’ Gifts and Decorations, so naturally we make our own gift bags too. Its just funner that way.

My oldest daughter is 11 and attends public school. Last year we ended up staying up very late to get the project done on time (February 13th) and I decided that we would get a head start on it this year. The extra time would allow us to make her Valentine’s Exchange really awesome!

These bags are pretty small. Approximately 3 inches wide X 4 inches tall and about 2  inches deep.

You will need:

• Scissors
• Craft Paper or CardStock
(You can use Scrapbook paper, however your bag will be more delicate)
• Hot Glue and Glue Gun
• Material you want to use for Handle
(Ribbon, yarn, string, rope, paper handle)
• Items you want to decorate your bag with

First, cut your paper to size. Mine is cut 10.5″ x 6 inches.

I colored coded the folds to reduce confusion about which fold I am talking about. Making this bag is way easier than it sounds. Once you cut your paper and start folding your creases and glue your bag sides together, the rest will probably all make sense.

Yellow Band: is the outter edge of the paper.

Green Band: is the top edge of the bag when it is assembled. The distance between the top edge of the bag (top yellow band to the green band is 3/4ths of an inch)

Blue Band: is the bottom edge of the bag when assembled.

Teal Band: is the side corners of the bag when assembled.

Orange Band: is a fold that allows the bag to collapse flat (folded). There is one fold inbetween the Teal Corners on each side of the bag.

Teal/Red Band: this is the Corner (Teal) of the bag, but the Red indicates that this flap of paper will be tucked under and remain unseen when assembled. This strip is 1/2″ wide from red line to the edge of the paper (yellow line)

Section Measurements from Left to Right, then Top to Bottom.

1 inch
1 inch
3 inches
1 inch
1 inch
3 inches
1/2 inch

Top Strip: 3/4ths of an inch
Body of the bag: 4 inch
1 inch
1 inch

Until you are confortable in deciding which way to crease your paper you can fold towards you and crease your paper then fold away from you and crease your paper so that you can make your paper bend either direction. Once you assemble a bag or two you will be able to skip on folding the paper both directions.

You can decorate the outside of your bag once you have creased your folds. If you are using rubber stamps, its much easier to decorate it now. I usually get hasty and end up missing this step and kicking myself later about it. 

If you feel more comfortable, you can use masking tape to hold your bag together instead of glue if you need assurance that you are gluing in the right spots.

Glue the small flap on the far right (teal/red line) under the edge of the under side of the opposite side of the bag. Now you have a square

Fold down your top edge (Green Band). don’t glue it.

Fold the bottom of your bag so that the visible portions of the fold make a triangle. When you look inside your bag you will see matching squares (about 1″x1″) Hot glue the bottom (outside) of the bag.

Making Bag Handles (2 Options)

• Two Handles. Use a paper hole puncher and evenly space two wholes all the way thru the upper part of the bag (be sure it is punched into the part where the green band flap is, this will give your handles/bag more strength). Push your bag handles thru the holes and knot on the inside of the bag.

• One Handle. Flip the upper flap back up and find the center of the side of the bag (this will be on the Orange Band line) and hole punch the center. Push a string/ribbon thru the hole and knot it toward the inside of the bag. Dab a bit of hot glue under the flap and seal the flap back down.

If you’ve already decorated your bag, You’re done!

I don’t typically mark my bags with pencils. I usually keep a template (manilla folder or card stock for each size of bag) and use them as a template for cutting my paper into shape and to show where the lines go so its faster and easier.

Hope you enjoy!

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