Easy, Cost Effective Handmade Cards


Anyone who knows me, knows I am a frugal spender. I dont want to pay more for something than I need to.

I did pay full price of a whooping $1 for each of the Stamp Sets (Studio G Cheapies) used to make these cards because I didn’t have these ones, I waited way too long to start thinking about Christmas Cards and figured if I didn’t do something now, it wasn’t going to happen this year. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit of a Scrooge…bah!

(If your looking for themed ideas or more indepth ideas…keep scrolling. I’ll get to it)

I typically buy all of my Holiday Themed Stamps and Paper after the Holiday has passed because I want to get it at a discounted price and tend to grab everything I can grab in such an indiscriminate manner that I tend to end up with duplicates. Because of this, my husband tends to call me a hoarder. But I’m okay with that. The way I see it is as long as you are not hoarding used cat litter, its actually more like ‘Prepping’ than actual Hoarding. 


Its not hard to turn a few stamps into a card. I tend to find the hardest part of making a card to be avoiding clutter or over doing it. For me, that tends to be hard because I am one of the worst kind of ‘More is Better’ people. Making a nice card can be done very frugally, under $5 even.

Alot of times I will take a blank piece of paper and draw a rectangle shape and stamp it the way I envisioned it in my head to see how it looks before stamping it on to my blank card.

Another great card idea is to stamp your image out on cardstock paper then cut the image out. This gives you the option to move the pieces around before deciding on placement, you can  mount the cut out over decorative paper cut outs or to elevate them off the card using foam dots (or pieces of craft foam glued to the card) giving your card a multidimensional look. I tend to do this quite a bit with my younger kids who always want to participate in making something but I don’t want using my expensive inks when I am not able to be on top of the kids and prevent “double dipping” in my more expensive inks.

16 hand decorated cards cost me a total of $3 ($3 for the stamps, the cards I already had on hand, glue and rhinestones I already had and ink I already had on hand) but for the sake of full disclosure, the cards were premade by Studio G and sold in packs of 8 cards/envelopes for $1 at Joann’s, the Rhinestone packs were bought at Walmart for $1.97 and the glue was mystery glue that no one knows where it came from.

When you think about it, you probably have more on hand to make a card with than you are aware of. Ribbon, glue glitter, stickers, stamps, paper punches, old cards that you can cut up and repurpose into new cards, gift wrap that you can cut images out of. 

And when I am done with this Holiday, I will hit the craft store (usually Joann’s) and buy up the remaining holiday related stamps in such an indiscriminate fashion I’ll surely end up with duplicates. Ill save them all for next year and do it all over again.

Okay, maybe this does kinda fit into the hoarding category, but atleast its not used cat litter, 30 year old Reader’s Digest Magazines and used Napkins. So…I think I’m ok?!?

So what if you have a bit bigger ideas for homemade Christmas Cards? And a bigger budget? And you have something like this in mind…



No problemo! You can order Themed Holiday Kits or Individual Stamp Sets and Accessories and find all the themed Card and Scrapbooking Ideas imaginable at Stampin Up. As I grow my Stamping and Scrapbooking Collection, I really enjoy StampinUp themed collections. Jill Fernan, my Stamp Lady, has me absolutely hooked…there is no looking back now.

I honestly, really prefer wood mounted rubber stamps over acrylic stamps such as Studio G. A true rubber stamp give you a crystal clear, high quality image, impression after impression and they last. Acrylic stamps, particularly low end stamps like Studio G and Studio 112 Stamps are a dollar for a reason and you really do get what you pay for. When you pay for a higher quality stamps, such as those you find thru StampinUp, you are going to pay a little more for it initially, but you will see the difference in the quality from your first impression and every impression beyond that for years to come. I would rather have quality that I have grown to love and expect from StampinUp over any other that I’ve encountered to date.

The possibilities are endless when you put you ideas into actions…

2014 Valentine’s Day 6th Grade Class Party… Yes, we’ve already started on this. What can I say? Mini Gift Bag Instructions

2013 Mini Gift Bag from 5th Grade with Mini Tag Bookmarks (the tags were all made by my daughter) The gift bag is constructed using the same Pattern that we are using this year, except 2013’s bags were constructed with textured cardstock paper and 2014’s bags are all being made using a roll of freakishly old brown craft paper.


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