Easy Gingerbread Houses


These were kind of a spur of the moment idea after finding a few bags of candy burried in the bottom of the freezer. The candy was far too old to be considered edible.

We used:

Graham Crackers (7 squares and 2 trianges-a square sawed in half with a bread knife)

Sugar Cookie Icing (I already had some of this on hand from another project) but you can make your own icing (butter creme)

Gum Drops
Rock Hard Gummie Bears
Mini Chocolate Chips
White Chocolate Chips
Shredded Coconut Flakes

I pieced the house together using the icing as a glue. The house has a ‘floor’ which I used to have an extra surface to add icing to so that it would be stronger.

Each part of the house needed to be held together for a minute or two before the icing began to set. It began to ‘set’ right at that point where I started considering whipping out the glue gun.

The kids decorated their houses withing minutes of them being built, but had I known how hard the icing would be once it set overnight, I would have put the houses together out of the view of the little ones anxious to decorate them and saved the decorating for the following day. It would have saved them the upset of thinking they broke their house when the roof slid off.

After the houses were all put together and dried, the candy became a permanent part of the house. And I’m glad I refrained from using the glue gun since the following morning at breakfast someone took a bite out of every one of the houses on the table.

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