24 Christmas Freebies



As you will see, many of these come from other websites that often have lots of free or downloadable printable coloring sheets but you will notice I’ve selected certain ones and not others. Ive done this for a reason. Some printables don’t print in the greatest quality. I’ve selected printables that I have downloaded and/or printed and they printed well for me and hopefully will for you too. 

My Christmas Wish List (Pictured)

Christmas List (Book)

Christmas Activity Booklet (9 Pages)
1.7 MB File Game and Puzzle Answers

Printable Gift Tags (12 Styles)

Christmas Holly Bush by Crayola
Coloring Sheet

Gift of Giving by Crayola (Presents)
Coloring Sheet

Printable Coloring Box
Really Cute

Tree & Snowman Standing Card
Better printed on Cardstock Paper

Mary & Baby Jesus
Coloring Sheet

Traditional Santa
Coloring Sheet

Movable Santa (Part 1 of 2)
Movable Santa (Part 2 of 2)
Color, Cut Out and Assemble

Merry Christmas Sign by Crayola
Christmas Tree (Decorate it yourself) by Crayola
Coloring Sheet

Christmas Ornament Coloring Sheet
Pictured Above – Coloring Sheet

10 Free Printable Christmas Cards (PDF)

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol
138 Page PDF File – eBook

Santa Coloring Sheet
Coloring Sheet

Ruldolph Coloring Page
Coloring Sheet

Christmas Wreath
Coloring Sheet

Christmas Elf with Toy Paint
Coloring Sheet

12 Days of Christmas
Coloring Sheets -Days are individually printable

Christmas Riddle Coloring Pages
9 Individually Printable Coloring Sheets

Coloring Sheet – Resembles My Little Pony, Sorta

Coloring Sheet

Rag Doll
Super Cute Coloring Sheet

I hope you’ve found something you enjoyed as much as we did. We’d love your feedback!

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