Raw Baltic Amber

wpid-GosmsPhoto1377042972465-picsay.jpgRaw Baltic amber is fossil resin produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe that has been known to be used by Northern Europeans for centuries for pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory component called succinic acid. Succinic acid is absorbed through the skin into the body. Research by Nobel-prize winner Robert Koch confirmed positive influences of succinic acid, and confirmed there is no risk of too much succinic acid in humans. Raw Amber contains the most succinic acid, more than that of polished amber, and can be found to strengthen the body by strengthening the immune system. Raw Amber accelerates our natural immunity to aid in healing wounds, reducing inflammation of throat, ears, teeth/gums, stomach, help with drooling, and even aid the respiratory system.
Amber necklaces are meant to be worn under clothing, against the skin, to absorb the succinic acid. Children should not be allowed to chew on the necklaces, and supervision is required when your child wears the necklace. Each bead is hand strung, and individually knotted, on a silk cord, and finished off with plastic screw clasps for safety. The knots insure that if the necklace breaks, the amber will not scatter, a single bead will fall. The plastic screw clasp will hold sturdy, however will break away if it needs to.
Your amber will last many lifetimes, and should be looked at as a keepsake. As for caring for your amber, only water should be used to clean it with a soft cloth, then be left to lay flat (in sun) for silk string to dry completely before retuning back to your child. The silk string will not do well with baths, or pools and should be removed prior to these activities. Baltic Amber was formed about 45 million years ago, its tremendous healing powers can be passed on from your children to your grandchildren, and cherished forever.

Raw Baltic Amber is available for purchase at Sasha’s Etsy Crunchette Crafts.

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