Wooden Baby Teethers


As parents we tend to do better for our children than we typically did for ourselves. Painstakingly researching every last thing we can about eat, sleep, health, play can be exhausting, and stressful. Then when you feel you might have (almost) gotten a routine, and a grasp on this parenting thing comes teething; it seems to be some cruel joke of humanity. We’ve learned plastic is not the greatest option for our little ones due to endless toxins, and the pours in plastic that harbors bacteria. Then there are the toys with paints made who knows where, at what cruel hourly wage often contain lead. Wood is often a much better alternative being more eco friendly, and health friendly.

I’ve enlisted an old friend from childhood who happens to be a carpenter to help with creating a natural teether for your little gummy babe. Untreated maple wood is used, and hand shaped into 3 inch rings for me to start crafting teethers. I hand sand any rough patches of the rings down, and finish them off with my homemade organic wood polish. Though maple wood does have a very fine grain structure, and is less likely to splinter, so polish is optional. The beeswax (certified organic from the US) and extra virgin olive oil polish finishes the wood off to seal it for extra protection from splintering. A prewashed fabric is used to create “bunny ears,” or a nice tight crochet sleeve around the wooden ring. The ears can be removed to be cleansed, and to be wet, and frozen for extra pain relief for the swollen gums.
These stylish Wooden Teethers are a wonderfully affordable Christmas gift, newborn gift, and perfect for baby showers, too.

You can find these teethers at Sasha’s Etsy shop, Crunchette Crafts.

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