Upcycling Old Christmas Cards

Sorry, no picture to go along with this one. Ive got 3 small children (and a few cats) who are all enablers of destruction by means of giggling.

This is a super cute project for kids who are a little older. My 4.5 yr old daughter was very interested in helping with this project  but we used Hot Glue for this project and her skin is still too delicate for the typical hot glue burns I frequently give myself. So, she was my paper cutter. We used a paper punch for our circles (squeeze handle type with scalloped edges, because thats what I had) but you can use whatever is easiest for you. If you don’t have a paper puncher, you can trace around a jar lid and cut out the circles.

What you need:

•20 Paper Circles (Cardstock is best)
     You can even use old Christmas Cards!
•Paper Clips (if you are using white school glue or another slow drying glue)
•Ribbon or Yarn

Fold each circle into a triangle so that it has 3 flaps. Take 10 Circles and glue them together on the flap created when they were folded into triangles. One triangle pointing up, the next pointing down, the next up, etc. This will be the center loop.  Once you have a strip of 10, take the first circle and glue it to the flap of the last circle, so you have a loop/circle. Begin gluing circle flaps to the flaps of the circles on the center loop. Glue all flaps together so that there are no free flaps. Before securing the last set of flaps, tie your string or yarn in a circle and place half of it inside of the ball and the other half out of the ball. Close up the last flap.

If you are using white glue or another slow drying glue, paper clips will help keep it together while it dries.

Regardless of what glue you use, this ball will not stand up to being kicked like a soccer ball or viciously smacked around by the cat.  But it does look cute on the Christmas Tree and is a great way to put those old Christmas Cards to good use!

If you decide to make one of these, Id love to see it. Id show mine, but between the cat and kids playing kick ball with it, well…you get the idea.

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