Dried Orange Slices


I originally started this project to use these dried orange slices for one thing but ended up using them for another project instead.

I really loved the way they turned out, so much so that I did a second batch but dried them differently than the first batch.


The baked batch was sliced at about 1/4 inch thickness and places on a pizza tray and baked in the over for roughly 3 hours at 275°.

I went in an flipped the sliced over somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour because I had a feeling they might stick to the pizza tray (which is nothing more than a round cookie sheet with a few steam holes in it). They turned out fantastic.

The second batch was sliced at 1/4 inch and placed on the drying rack of the food dehydrator. It was set at 195° and let run for 48 hours. I also flipped the orange slices several times during the drying process because they also stuck to the drying rack. The end result was also fantastic.

Orange slices from both batches are in the above photo and labeled. As you can see, the baked slices have a darker appearance in the flesh of the fruit and in the peeling. Both processes were overall great at getting the job done. One was a faster process but it darkened the fruit and peel and the other took much longer but allowed the slices to retain a more rich saturation of color.

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