Upcycling Used Wrapping Paper

In just a few hours the kids will be up and wanting to rip into the goods carefully packed in fancy wrapping paper. Kind of seems like a waste of paper to just wad it all up and throw it in the trash, especially when there is so much that can be done with the paper.

1.) Line Dresser Drawers or Shelves

2.) Save it for Card Making

3.) Make Paper Bows

4.) Reuse it or save it for next year

5.) Use Paper Punches to cut shapes or designs in the paper to be used to decorate other items/gifts.

6.) Decoupage a Photo Album to store your Printed Holiday Photos from this year in.

7.) Paper Balls from Christmas Cards and Gift Wrap

8.) Mini Gift Bags

9.) Gift Tags or Bookmarks

10.) Shred Wrap for package stuffing when mailing delicate or fragile items

11.) Snowflakes, Paper Dolls, Paper Flowers, Paper Beads, Origami or other Paper Folding Crafts

12.) Interior Book Liner (inside of cover) or Exterior Book Covers

13.) Wrap Jars or Tin Cans to decorate them (like covering a tin can to use it as a pencil holder…)

14.) Wall Collage or Wall Art (framed or unframed)

15.) Or when all else fails check to see if your local recycling program has resources to recycle wrapping paper (usually falls into the same grouping as your Big Box Store circular ads)

What did you do with your wrapping paper? Something awesome? I wanna see!

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