Strawberry Bon Bons

It took me forever to get this recipe. It was one that I grew up loving as a kid. You could imagine how I felt when I thought I lost it. Crummy! Thankfully its not lost…so I am gonna share it with you. My Grandmother used to make these. I don’t know if this was something she came up with modified from another recipe or where it originated from. Regardless, it was something I loved to indulge in. Its certainly been a while. Sorry, no pictures…I’m watching my girlie figure and delicious bite size food is like shooting myself in the foot.

1 –  Can (14oz) of Sweetened  Condensed Milk (NOT Evaporated Milk

2 – Packages (7oz each – 14oz total) Flaked Coconut

1 – Package (6oz) Strawberry Gelatin

1 – Cup Ground Blanched Almonds

1 – Teaspoon Almond Extract

In a large bowl combine Condensed Milk, Coconut and 1/3 of a cup of Gelatin and Almond Extract. Mix together. My grandmother’s recipe called to add red food coloring to it, but I don’t.

Chill for about an hour. Once cool enough that you can mold the mixture, mold 1/2 tablespoon scoops into strawberry shapes (kinda like a stubby cone). Sprinkle remaining gelatin on a piece of wax paper and roll the strawberries on the gelatin coated wax paper and then set aside on a fresh sheet of wax paper. Refrigerate.

Another alternative to sprinkling Gelatin on wax paper and rolling the balls on the wax paper, you could add the gelatin to a bowl and roll the bon bon in the gelatin in the bowl.

To Make Stems:

2 1/4 Cups of Confectioner’s Sugar
3 Tablespoons of Whipping Cream
Few drops of Green Food Coloring
(I don’t use food coloring, I will use a green jello and dump it into a fine mesh sifter and sift it around or add a few scoops to give it a green hue. doesn’t need to be dark green)

Mix until smooth

Add mix to a pastry piping bag and pipe on some stems or leaves.

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