Easy Crayon Apron


These go by many names and there are as many ways to make them as there are names for them. This one is a simple pattern. No pattern really. This easily fits my super tiny 3 year old to my 95th percentile, almost 5 year old.

You can make it hold a few crayons or many. Mine holds 13. Had I planned it really well it would hold 16 or even 12  (since crayon packs generally come in 8, 16, 24, 48… count packages).

This is 3 pieces of fabric (waist band, Apron Portion and the Christmas Print that creates the pocket for the crayons) and 2 strings. I used a flat woven cord because that’s what I had. But you can use shoe lace, bias tape, paracord, or even make your own ties for it from fabric.

This is unlined and all of my seams cone together on the inside. It was kind of a ‘scrap material’ project.

I do consider myself to be a ‘beginner’ when it comes to sewing since I don’t know all of the rules or proper lingo.

I cut each piece to have a half inch of material that is folded under and sewn down on each side.

I did iron my material flat and ironed my edges to help me ensure I sewed straight lines.

I gathered the top portion of the apron prior to sewing it to the waist band. How to do Gathers quick and easily.

1. Waist Band Length
2. Length of Botton Hem of Apron
3. Length of Apron from Waist Band to Bottom Hem
4. Length of Waist Ties.
  •My ties are two individual ties sewn to the ends. You can run one long cord thru your material if you preferred.


For the portion of fabric used to create the crayon holder, I folded down the edges and sewed them down prior to attaching this piece of fabric to the apron.

My first attempt didn’t turn out well and I ended up removing it and redoing it because my crayons would not go in or come out easily. Be sure you allow for space for easy removal and replacement of the crayons into their slots.

I made the fabric only cover about half of the crayon so the apron doesn’t swallow up the crayon once its been used a few times.

I sewed my fabric on only securing 3 sides and leaving the top open. I then located the middle and pinned it then located the middle of each of the two halves (so I had 4 equal sections, but you will see I moved things slightly because I had too much space for only 12 crayons and needed to adjust it and add an extra space for crayon #13) and continue to pin where you plan to create a crayon pocket. Once you have checked to be sure crayons slide in and out with ease, Sew the dividers all the way from the top edge to the bottom edge of the material.

When my daughter is done, we fold her apron in half (top waist band down so it covers over her crayons) and then I roll it up and wrap the strings around it to keep her crayons from getting lost.

Hope you enjoy trying this. If you do, Id love to see what you came up with!

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