Waldorf Inspried Wooden Rings

Well I thought that since I really love the DIY craft projects, that I would offer a product on my page that would help others with their crafty DIY projects, too. The wooden teething rings that I craft, and love so much for the little ones, could be used for many different projects. I am going to be completely honest here though, I have not allowed myself enough time to focus on making these rings into much other than the teething rings.
I have read how many people give these rings to their children “raw,” in that there is no fabric on them, or they tie fun ribbons on them to create a streamer type toy with them, mostly for the toddler/preschool ages. I am lucky enough to be able to purchase these handcrafted rings from a friend who is a carpenter, so I am offering them up to you to go ahead and get crafty, and share your projects with us.

So go ahead, think up something great, and share with us what you come up with. I will get busy, and do the same – stay tuned.
The maple wood rings are 3 inches from one end to another, and the inner being 2.25 inches.
I do offer custom listings if your needs require more, or less rings at Crunchette Crafts.

wooden rings

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