12 Super Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas you can do at home

Who doesn’t want to have super cute fingernails for Valentine’s Day? These are  fairly basic nail art design ideas that can be achieved easily…well, atleast on one hand unless you are ambidextrous (or have a preteen living under your roof to do your other hand)

Lip kisses are made with a foil decal. This would probably be a great look if the black Polish was Matte Finish.
 photo 67400ef31215b27bcabe495f99965516_zpsbzzixskc.jpg

I’m loving the Matte Polishes!
 photo 1ad75f626dfabedb5371aa45f7216617_zps1blft61h.jpg

Another beautiful Matte Polish design. The designs on the nail surface were made using a fine point tooth pick or fine brush dipped in a shiney topcoat polish being carefully applied in the desired pattern.
 photo 260c6fa3ae39c6473b63ee470d8dc06d_zpszs87eqyf.jpg

Another lovely black polish Valentine’s Design. The thin icicles can be made by dipping a tooth pick into the desired color of polish or by using a fine detailing brush. The heart can be made using the same toothpick or brush.

 photo 8fb5cef503b1c784521d98ee46c20827_zps3juap6rs.jpg

Another beautiful Matte Polish
 photo a5e3756f2fc26d71b9496bc87e2928bc_zpszzi11ely.jpg

 photo ff0b89a699cfb1e9b03b8705ddf667b3_zpseb21tnov.jpg

 photo 5157434caafc5f50138353f9cb58d501_zpsaywye4ij.jpg

Making easy hearts…
 photo 1ec4ad72fcd54dbd6663f5ed193a2a6f_zpsibfgov2i.jpg

 photo 8902c2251abfddda6527344b6418fad2_zpsp1yzufuk.jpg

 photo 5ea0691a7dc8735a82cc97342712b2e3_zpskmg4sny6.jpg

 photo 06ba8b2172db1ea1e168668e1b030e65_zpsjtpbd4vp.jpg

 photo fc53fc7eb9832d52c06c1a7aed0d22d0_zpsnjbgeqel.jpg

 photo 9b607ab0612e89095f1285496e12aa7b_zpsjpx5hwwo.jpg

One of my favorites, this is a super easy design!
 photo 5157434caafc5f50138353f9cb58d501_zpsaywye4ij.jpg

 photo 4e3369db02fdf8cc49ab9492f9111125_zpsdfjakgrd.jpg

Heart Shaped Nails…
 photo 06cc380f81a777f60fe7c3344c25e911_zpsfaswynhm.jpg

See Individual Photos for Photo Credits.

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