New Easter Crayons upcycled from Old Broken Crayons

 photo 118-picsay_zpskdwoyfvu.jpg

If you have kids and you are anything like me, there is probably a stash of broken crayons somewhere around the house.

I could always save them for a rainy day and beg the kids to color with the broken reject crayons, but who wants those ones anyway? I didn’t.

Why not upcycle them into fun shaped new crayons? You can be pretty creative with what you use for a mold.
I usually pick up holiday shaped pans, ice cube trays and silicone molds after the holiday has passed and everything is on sale.

Then I peel and break/cut any large pieces into small bits. Usually about the size of a pea or kernel of corn. Keep your piles of colors separate.

 photo 1346793814589-picsay_zpsa8ayzp6n.jpg

Decide your color patterns or how you will assign the colors to the mold cavities and start filling them. My crayon fragments did over fill and rise above the rim of the mold. Because of space pockets while piling your crayons into the mold, you will see shrinkage in volume once the crayon bits has been melted.

 photo 1346794937375-picsay_zpszocfrozy.jpg

Pop them into your oven, preheated to 170° for 12-15 minutes. The idea is to melt them just enough where the wax becomes liquid. You don’t want to “Cook” them, so to speak.

If you overheat your crayons in the mold they become difficult to use. Very waxy. Sometimes they streak when you try to color. Just creates an overall product with a diminished quality. Because overheating can occur very quickly with this type of project, I tend to stay within view of my ovens window so I can see when they start to reach the point of liquidation.

Take them out and let them cool completely in the mold. Remove from the mold. If it is having difficulty coming free from the mold you can place the mold in the freezer for an hour and it will help it release from the mold much easier.

 photo 118-picsay_zpskdwoyfvu.jpg

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