Fun St Patricks Day Treats

 photo how_to_swirl_frosting_1_zps3jwwbsva.jpeg

Rainbow Swirled Cupcakes

 photo a6065a766bf3ff85d4d0cd723070a5e3_zps6u4tlbjg.jpg

Leprechaun Hat Smores

 photo 4f99f5224cd3aa64c2fba30d355ffaea_zpskxl4zvdt.jpg

Rainbow Pot ‘O’ Gold Cake Pop Tutorial

 photo Irish-Cream-Hot-Fudge-Cupca_zpso1hfsmta.jpeg

Irish Cream Fudge Cupcakes

 photo dsc_0084-007_zpscfs9c54j.jpeg

Pot of Gold Irish Potato Soup
 photo Spinach-Cups1-1_zpsc5ndpxof.jpeg

Zestuous Spinach Cups – These I have not tried yet…but they look amazing, look easy enough I can do it and looks like something everyone would eat here. I can’t wait to try these!

Irish Colcannon Recipe

8 Traditional Irish Meal Ideas

 photo 450a9659401b41b371aeb0bff4ec2a1a_zpssu8m1sq3.jpg

Irish Corn Muffins – I love bread…of any kind. These look delightful.

 photo fe3278406dec84fd17738510bfc27c85_zpszgwfbtva.jpg

Fun, No Brainer Drink idea for St Patricks Day. Instead of artificial coloring for ice, juices could be used as much as possible.

 photo 49790f7e21c85a1c0522e6a9b25e6511_zpsjifuageh.jpg

Cute Clover Cookie decorating idea.

I personally LOVE cake pops. I just can’t decorate one and make it look like it was decorated by an adult. But maybe you can…or maybe you’re a bit like me and are willing to try something atleast once.
 photo 7134351ec466e9c070547c6357d74462_zpsgrgoolva.jpg

 photo aefe9932f14bbd813fe7ffef1a36b100_zpsuiqj5ezh.jpg

I really love this one. It looks relatively easy.
 photo a2af23c1c92a59554c219c3f944e6a25_zpsnbo1qrjo.jpg

 photo 649d0ef0db3cb3f34afb505cf845ef8e_zpsyxssosqe.jpg

 photo 6667be2e24a3731ccb02f7e9d2591b17_zps6bwbz7cr.jpg

 photo 6d83f89d8aebcd7f37ee1b68b3726b25_zpsmwnmcokj.jpg

 photo 436a1683888ab6d0d7bf082e235332bd_zpso8fsct4w.jpg

 photo f5f471bfc9cf8f92de76070948a7c46f_zpsllshqjdm.jpg

 photo 78e0215891f49c0fc58117d46ee2425f_zps1af6jbai.jpg

Or maybe cake is more your thing? Some lovely cakes…

 photo 2eb4b888ad12c81e9ee8727d23102304_zpsaywcvj21.jpg

 photo f96d19974372a827e130ecb2c75f0f44_zpsiu9vm6ol.jpg

 photo 40cd9b899f9895514b48931f3f7c8cb5_zpsexmmygdg.jpg

 photo d2eaa19f61166e7966d8065f3b4cde7e_zps8tesb9mf.jpg

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