Funky St Patricks Day Make Up

Lately I have been really digging on fun, new ideas and trying different things. I thought it might be fun to try some spunky make up ideas. These are just a small sampling of ideas I love for St Patricks Day.

 photo be59590eaead342cbf187957be30e172_zpsfud5mkjm.jpg

(Probably the only design I would be able to recreate)

 photo b788a50441ac2306e4c47bed2d246351_zpstsjokcfb.jpg

 photo 51b27785fd8c561685434fc026225539_zpsyxbwrxog.jpg

 photo a7086d1cba2f5148f14f84271a882d4f_zpsoem2b8jd.jpg

 photo a0e54fb97d38eb451c2da3ba90a54e1d_zpsixak7jlx.jpg

 photo bdba21f0c21d77fe90d4e851926a8b34_zpssweieusn.jpg

 photo a0bede624c0d9980438276791c47b95c_zpsz3hmjxcl.jpg

 photo 913f76283aeec49d021aa50ef50354bb_zps0qqnfoc0.jpg

 photo e23c873555c2f2491551aaf3390e02a6_zpsiiortpaq.jpg

 photo 9856b8a2cad21f4c051c7ad22f2fa302_zpsinzj0nr6.jpg

 photo b1fffd00ab8fa28c508e25c04296765e_zpshg8avnca.jpg

 photo 34a7c66281bd6e4de39d41b19ad92ee9_zpsu3e96cmw.jpg

 photo 13ca78668c95246b4e2d93ce81140b2c_zpsscolkgd2.jpg

 photo d335421da523abfe87e68c34968ee933_zpsphe0ylqg.jpg

And just one more St Patricks Day Nail design idea.

 photo fca1f68051ee563d60d7f1cbb25095cd_zpsze6nqxbn.jpg

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