Easter & Spring Activities for Kids

 photo easterbunny-6811886_zpsior9pgyq.jpeg

Easter Sunday (2014) is on April 20, 2014 this year. Good Friday (2014) is on April 18, 2014. This year it falls later in the year than it does most years. Easter always falls between March 22nd and April 25th.

So, you have a little time to prepare…or if you are like me, plenty of time to start a project that you will ultimately finish on the Eve of Easter.

Here are a few ideas that I thought were fun…

 photo Minions-Eggs-How-to-make-Minions-Easter-Eggs-Minions-Eggs-Easter_zpsgguy3tuz.jpeg

Minion Eggs

 photo 304fd715841f59d6d808f625cad21e77_zpsyvri2sgj.jpg

 photo decorate_the_easter_baskets_460_0-1_zpsbon6fnss.jpeg

Printable Easter Baskets – You can paint, color, add stickers, or use the link below to print and decorate and glue on.

 photo decorate_the_easter_baskets_stickers_460_0-2_zpsbvpu1sen.jpeg

Stickers to Decorate your Easter Basket – If you print these on Paper, you can glue them to the Easter Basket (link above) as a non-adhesive sticker (or you can print them on adhesive paper for read stickers)

 photo lens1835279_1326689141easter-coloringpage-eggs_zpsfqhynf0f.jpeg

Easter Egg Coloring Sheet

 photo rabbit_and_tulip_colouring_page_460_0-1_zpsxiwhvvju.jpeg

Rabbit Coloring Page

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