Making (Upcycled) Fridge Magnets

 photo 20140429_225440-picsay_zpsdnmgy7wr.jpg

Who wants ugly fridge magnets? We all have these old, mass produced magnets that came out of the yellow pages for business services you would never use in a million years. Why not turn them into magnets that you actually like? Since these magnets are usually printed on a thin magnetic sheet, they aren’t strong enough to hold clay or polymer but they are perfect for stickers. I’ve done this with magnetic sheets as long as I can remember.

All you need is:

•  Magnetic Sheet or Old Fridge Magnet
•  Scissors 
•  Adhesive Stickers

 photo 20140429_225239-picsay_zps4vtkllle.jpg

This is a very easy project. Kids who are capable of using scissors can even do this project. As you can see, I used glue crusted childrens safety scissors and My Little Pony stickers that I confiscated from a coloring book (My kids have an allergy to adhesive and if they stick a sticker on their skin, when the sticker is removed, so is multiple layers of skin and they end up with raw, open sores where the sticker was at. So stickers are off limits for obvious reasons).

Another option is adhesive sheets of paper and use rubber stamps to make something unique. Or give your kids some art supplies and see what fabulous creation the come up with. 

Decide how you will place the stickers on the magnetic sheet to get the most out of it.

Apply the stickers to the sheet, making sure not to overlap the edges.

*Be sure you apply them to the correct side of the magnetic sheet. If it is an old business service magnet, apply the sticker to the printed side*

Use your scissors to trim the sticker out. I line my scissors right up to the edge and I cut it out. The scissors seem to be great at catching the ledge of the sticker perfectly. The goal is not to have any sticker overlapping the edge of the magnet or else it will lift, peel or get scratched up.

Slap ’em on the fridge!

*Walmart carries a variety of magnetic sheets, disc magnets and business card adhesive magnets (intended to stick a business card to so its a magnetic business card) in their Craft and in their Business Supply section of the store.

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