Perfect Rice, Every Time! No Measuring Needed!

White Rice photo 1399250834_picsay-1399250834_zpsjcgcdarq.jpg

I like Rice but I never seem to get my measurements right. Its either lacks enough water or has way too much water.

I’ve learned that there is a great way to ensure you get a perfect pot of rice every single time and you don’t need to measure your rice or the water with traditional measuring cups. Score!

Pour your desired amount of rice into a bowl or mesh strainer and rinse your rice until the water runs clear. This helps prevent your rice from being starchy. Pour your wet rice into your cooking pot and smooth out the its evenly laid across the bottom of your pot. Take your index finger and place the tip of your finger on the top of your rice don’t press your finger into the rice. Begin filling your water into your pot until the water level reaches the first joint in your finger. Its that simple. This works for any amount of rice and any size pot. Cover your rice and cook as usual.

Perfect, fluff rice!

This also works with brown rice and black rice as well.

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