The Letter, Part One – You have no right to refuse the following.

I am flabbergasted.

One Arizona Midwife Speaks

In mid May, all licensed midwives in the state of Arizona received a letter attached to an email from the Arizona Department of Health (AzDHS). This letter was a reminder that we midwives best be certain we are adhering to the rules or there will be consequences. It was a formal warning of the prosecutory process that has already begun.  There are so many pieces to this communication that need to be addressed, such as the threatening tone via statements like “in an effort to make sure you are all in compliance…,” or the importance placed on submitting timely reports (which in the past AzDHS stuffed in a box, or used for poor data analysis, or used as they are now doing to regulate midwives) or the way in which the letter implies that AzDHS is looking out for the safety and well being of parents and babies by…

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