Re-Infected with the Chicken Bug

A few years ago I decided that chickens would be a great addition to the house. So we got a few hens, mostly just for fresh eggs. Needless to say, chickens are addictive. It didn’t take long to become infected with the ‘Chicken Bug’.

And having local friends who are “Enablers” always makes hatching ‘THAT’ much easier. In 2012 I took a much needed livestock/chicken break but…I’m back!

I stopped at a friends house to pick up my Emergency Baby Goat Box and left with this…
 photo 20140429_180934_zpswyrzqw0l.jpg

About 6-8 days later you can see tiny veins when you shine a bright flashlight thru the egg.
 photo 20140504_173414-picsay_zpsxb1qbkfu.jpg

This is a blood ring (the dark band around the center of the egg). This egg has quit developing (died).
Blood Ring photo 20140504_173309_zpsz2zfkwvq.jpg

First Pip (Day 21)
Pip photo 1401174056_picsay-1401174056_zpsv3vpwl98.jpg

Day 21…Hatch Day!
 photo 20140519_025023-picsay_zpsyyuznkau.jpg

Moving from the incubator…
 photo 20140519_131711-picsay_zpsplj6tase.jpg

To a nice warm home
 photo 20140519_133037-picsay_zpswhntyxkc.jpg

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