Breeding Animals and Setting Eggs by the Moon

Setting Hatching Eggs photo my-egg-your-basket_zpsxzc9hvuw.jpeg

Dr N.W. Walker has suggested, based on his sexing experiments, that when planning to breed animals that it should be done so that the offspring will be born (or hatched) when the Moon is increasing in a fruitful sign. The fruitful signs are the feminine Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer is considered the most fruitful of all signs. Young born during the fruitfil sign of Cancer are generally more healthy, mature faster and make good breeding stock according to Dr Walkers research. Dr Walker suggests that animals born during the semi-fruitful signs the Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, will generally mature fast but produce a leaner meat while the sign of Libra yeild beautiful, graceful animals ideal for showing and for racing.

Moon Signs for Setting Eggs photo 20140602_192847-picsay_zpsfqzzthwn.jpg
Photo Credits: Dr N. W. Walker

NOTE: Considerable to this information as to old belief, breeding animals, setting eggs per the moon signs have nothing to do with sex determination. Dr Walker felt this information to be fascinating information to present.

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