Strawberry Lime Jam

Strawberry Lime Jam photo 1402804156_picsay-1402804156_zpsr5jg5irj.jpg

Who doesn’t love Strawberry Limeade? So why not Strawberry Lime Jam?

I wont be going over the “How To’s” of home canning since there are a million ways it can be done and everyone has their own preferences but I will give a basic run down on how I handled making my own.

•1 and 1/3rds Cup of Washed, Strawberries with the tops cut off.

•1 Standard Lime

•3 Teaspoons Bottled Lime Juice (you can use fresh squeezed Lime Juice if you choose)

•1 and 1/2 Tablespoons Pectin (I used Ball RealFruit Clasic Pectin)

•1 Cup of Sugar

Click Here >>>Recipe Calculator<<< for a recipe calculator to help you increase the recipe from 2-10 jars.

I boiled my jars (8oz jars)  and lids (always use new lids when canning to ensure a proper seal and prevent the growth of bacteria)

Washed and Cut the tops of the Strawberries. Washed the outter skin of the Lime.

I tossed the Strawberries, Sugar, Pectin and Lime Juice in the blender and gave it a good whirl until everything was well blended and there were no chunks of strawberries (I like smooth jam). I took the Lime and the Cheese Grater and rubbed all of the Limes outter skin against the rough pokey side (I believe its the side used for Parmesan Cheese grating) until there was no longer any green skin of the lime left. I tossed the fine lime shavings into the blender and gave it another good spin until it was all mixed.

I poured the contents of the blender into a pan and began to heat the fruit mixture on the stove.

I removed the glass jars from the boiling water and placed them on a clean, lint free towel next to the stove and took my pan with the lids off the burner but left the lids in the water.

Once the Strawberries mixture began to boil, I allowed it to come to a rolling boil (continuous stirring so none burned to the botton of the pan) for approximately 2 minutes then turned it off.

* Scoop off foam if you choose. Adding 1/4 tsp of Butter (Real Butter) to the cooking Strawberry mix greatly reduces foaming.

I used a ladel type scooper to begin scooping the strawberry mixture into the hot jars. I filled them to 1/4 of an inch from the top making sure there was no strawberry mixture along the 1/4 inch head space at the top of the jar, on the top rim or the outter rim. Once each jar was filled, I centered the lid (the disc part that has been sitting in the hot water) then placed the band and tightened it 'finger tight' then returned the lidded and banded jars to the water that the jars were boiled in and turned the burner back up to high. Once the water came to a rolling boil, I set a timer for 15 minutes. Once they were done, I pulled them out of the hot water I placed them on the counter to cool and wait for the lids to seal/pop. By morning they were all sealed.

Strawberry Lime Jam photo CYMERA_20140614_212108-picsay_zpsnvdfiw3f.jpg

As you can see from the photo of my sealed jars of Jam, we have very hard water. Next time I will boil my jars in Distilled Water.

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