DIY Taco Bell Quesarito

DIY Taco Bell Quesarito photo quesarito-taco-bell_zpsirj0iyzo.jpeg

While vegging out in front of the TV this weekend, my husband saw a commercial for  Taco Bells New Quesarito which is filled with seasoned beef, premium Latin rice, Chipotle sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, and then wrapped up in a grilled quesadilla loaded with melted cheeses.

In short, its a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla (cheese crisp).

But since we aren’t too keen on fast food, we made one ourselves. It was much easier than I anticipated and we customized them to our own taste.

I used:
(but of course, you can use whatever you like to fill your burrito, heck you can even make it vegetablarian or go vegan and skip/modify or substitute ingredients to fit your taste buds)

•Two Tortillas

•Shredded Cheese (we used Mozzarella since thats what we had on hand)

•Cooked Black Beans (Organic, Canned Low Sodium)

•Corn (Organic, Canned)


•Beef (We ground a chuck roast and diced some purple onions from the garden to give it some flavor)

•Sour Cream


 photo 20140615_173332_zps1p2dbngm.jpg

I cooked the ground beef and diced onions separate and set aside.

I rinsed the canned black bean in a strainer until the water ran clear.

I added the corn (and water from the can) and black beans (rinsed, drained) to a sauce pan and heated them. Set aside.

I gently warmed the tortilla on the griddle so it would fold easy.

I smeared a layer of Sour Cream on the center of the tortilla and then layered the other ingredients (ground beed, rice, corn & black beans, avocado and shredded cheese) and rolled the burrito. If we had Pico De Gallo on hand, I would have added a generous (heaping) scoop, but we didn’t.

I set aside several wrapped/rolled burritos and then began to make the quesadilla (cheese crisp) by laying the second tortilla flat on the lightly buttered griddle and layering a layer of cheese on it and slowly heating it until the cheese melted. Once the cheese was melted, I grabbed one of my prepared burritos and laid the burrito about 1 inch from the edge (nearest to me) of the tortilla (the quesadilla/cheese crisp on the griddle) and began to roll it away from me. It was hot, so take care not to burn yourself. I didn’t bother to tuck the ends of the quesadilla because the burrito on the inside was wrapped well.

And Wha-La…

 photo 20140615_173450_zps98ilpgmp.jpg

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