20 Ideas to Take the Itch Out of the Bite

Let’s face it, no one likes to be chewed up by mosquitoes. If you’ve been turned into a after dinner snack by mosquitoes, here are some helpful ideas on taking the itch out of the bite.

 photo 28a1d0e6acad5c1f9c4ba87217b37bd2_zpshwyzs3b7.jpg

• Heat a Spoon as warm/hot as you can tolerate against your skin and then hold the spoon against the bug bite. The heat breaks down the histamines that cause the bite to itch. Be careful not to burn yourself. I wouldnt recommend doing this to a child since it is difficult to guage what level of heat a child can tolerate

•Dab some Clear Nail Polish on the bite. It does tend to sting for a moment. Not recommended for raw skin

•Make a paste using Baking Soda and Water

•Soak a cotton ball in Apple Cidar Vinegar and use a bandaid to hold it in place over the bite

•Make a paste using Apple Cidar Vinegar and Cornstarch and apply it to the bite, allow to dry and rinse off

•Apply Calamine Lotion to a cotton ball and use a bandaid to hold in place over the bite

•Apply Witch Hazel to the bite

•Epsom Salt Bath

•Apply an Ice Pack or Ice Cube to the bite

•Dab Toothpaste on the bite and allow to dry

•Rub a wet Asprin over the bite (Asprin usage is not recommended for children)

•Dab Lavender Essential Oil on the bite

•Dab tea tree oil on the bite

•Applying fresh, crushed Basil leaves to the bite can help soothe inflammation

•Apply Aloe Vera Gel or Aloe Vera from a freshly cut Aloe Plant

•The juice of a Lemon or Lime may help with itching since Citric Acid does have healing properties

•Apply the membrane of a cracked egg over the bite. As the membrane dries out, it can help draw out some of the toxins

•Make a paste using water and Meat Tenderizer and apply to the bite

•Applying a piece of Clear Tape over a cleaned mosquito bite and leaving it in place can help relieve itching

•Avoid Scratching. Scratching bites tends to cause more inflammation tenderness, making the problem worse

Or how about avoid the bites altogether? DIY Summer Skeeter Defeater recipe to keep the pesky mosquitoes away.

As with any treatment, you should always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. Results can vary from person to person. Itching usually wont stop completely until the bite has healed but there are lots of things you can do to help reduce the level of itching.

Something particularly helpful in soothing your bug/mosquito bites?

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