4th of July Nails for Independence Day

Independence Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Who am I kidding?! I love all of the Holidays, however the Patriotism that is shown for America and our nations servicemen and servicewoman is uplifting. I love that people come together and celebrate and honor our freedom and show support in the Land of the Free is awesome, even if it does come in the form of Nail Art, as long as the meaning is know, I love the idea. Hope you like these 4th of July inspired designs.

 photo 8846692b57697e19f8e7fa0571d726ad_zpsqwz9vqhx.jpg

 photo a7f6246e253993366a92d4a3ce6b0999_zpsjcfdi8jj.jpg

 photo 8846692b57697e19f8e7fa0571d726ad_zpsqwz9vqhx.jpg

 photo 1cee5b8f99d72aac8ea6b92fff3e8bca_zpsgtelzh2a.jpg

 photo 579124d0a1e2b815e618b55cc6665496_zpsouyvntxr.jpg

 photo 7a152b2c251313e1a74f0486971f0bf2_zpsbv5yjyv0.jpg

 photo 9b578e5472c1ea26a97bd4633092733f_zpseqefmk3g.jpg

 photo 926e813931c6f4a243ba1e9a65648ec0_zpsyyslyhta.jpg

 photo ba97ab2523bc4767017da149c9b69625_zpsdfir6lh7.jpg

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