Cinco De Mayo Fun, Food and Activities for Everyone

Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) is a commemorative celebration of the  Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during Franco vs Mexico War  from 1861-1867. It is celebrated (most commonly) in the United States and Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is often misidentified as Mexico’s Independence Day which is September 16th.

History of Cinco de Mayo – A fantastic history and clarification about Cinco de Mayo and Mexico’s Independence Day  (September 16th).

Fried Taco Shells if you have a large family, this is definitely the most economical way to do taco shells. Many Corn Tortillas are Gluten Free (Gluten is an issue at my house and I prefer a fried corn tortilla over a gluten free ‘flour-like’ tortilla-ANYDAY!)
 photo 63c4841981613f5025cf7779a14912a0_zpsxf6n09wq.jpg

Plastic Maracas from Easter Eggs and Spoons -Oriential Trading Company
 photo 72b842fbd9c729f11d1f43af73c9f7d7_zpsh28zgdvx.jpg

Cinco de Mayo Coloring Sheets Other activities and ideas as well.
 photo 134f31f9171bfadfcba119bde1832acc_zpsjcaezqgf.jpg

Fantastic Cinco de Mayo Food I really love the idea of individial Dip Cups!
 photo 0fb6d6bb0a948c1418c4bbc52d8d32b5_zpsopkmllgj.jpg

Mini Pinatas from empty toilet paper rolls
 photo 798679db59fa4c07072e51d4c931e0a3_zpscmxrims2.jpg

Festive Lime with Candles Centerpiece
 photo 798679db59fa4c07072e51d4c931e0a3_zpscmxrims2.jpg

Cinco de Mayo Jello
 photo 9288ca6c0a1ec4b1e0d1a15d2c8d8d46_zpsuirfvw7w.jpg

Lavender Margarita
 photo 134f31f9171bfadfcba119bde1832acc_zpsjcaezqgf.jpg
2.5 oz of Jose Cuervo Traditional
1 oz of Parfait Amour Orange Liqueur (where the purple color comes from)
1/4 oz Lime Juice
1/4 oz Simple Syrup
Garnish with a Lime

Cinco De Mayo Nail Art
 photo c75cd652f59c251fd6533a01b7260ba8_zpspbkoixxn.jpg

 photo a4a5fa3668849ae760fd148af2329455_zpsf2bsu7ch.jpg

 photo af125cd5c4d6a1515a79f8ea6aae963f_zpsbtv8b48k.jpg

Homemade Ginger Elixir

Homemade Ginger Elixer photo 1420352396_20141210_222701-1-picsay_zpsdv3byltl.jpg

Let’s talk about barf. Vomit really isnt something that anyone really *WANTS* to think about until you are dealing with a “situation”.

The culprit of the vomiting isnt always known. In some instances, if nausea is a factor and if it can be calmed, vomiting may be able to be reduced or in some cases avoided.

Ginger has some amazing properties that aid in easing a nauseated stomach caused by anything from motion sickness to morning sickness.

Since I was a child, Ive suffered from an GI problem that was allowed to go untreated for way too long. In recent past the condition has become something that has got to be addressed before it is allowed to go any further.

One of the things that has worked the best for me in soothing upset stomach is  Ginger Root. I carry purse fulls of Ginger Chew Candies that I pick up at the health food store but sometimes I need something a bit more immediate. Thats where my Homemade Ginger Elixir comes in. And its easy to make.

What you need:

•1 Pound of Raw Ginger Root (peeled and sliced into small, thin pieces)

•Sauce Pan with lid

•4 Cups of Water

•4 Cups of Sugar

• Strainer (Mesh)

After peeling and cutting your raw Ginger Root into pieces, add your Ginger pieces to your sauce pan and add water. Bring the water and Ginger to a boil and then reduce the heat to a medium and cook until your liquid reduces by half (you want to be able to pour off about two cups of Ginger Infused broth/water).

Once your Ginger Broth/Water has cooled, strain your water to remove any large ginger particles or pieces. Return liquid to sauce pan (discard the strained particles) and bring to a boil and slowly begin to add your sugar while stirring. Reduce your heat to low and continue to stir until all of the sugar has completely disolved and it begins thicken into a syrup like thickness.

To use, you can take it by the spoon or you can add it to a small glass of warm water (this is how I consume it when I know vomiting is coming  because warm water “comes up” much easier than cold water). Stores it in the fridge for about 7-10 days. I usually keep a 4 oz jar in the fridge and freeze the remaining in 3.5oz portions in Breastmilk Freezer Bags and thaw in the fridge as needed.

In addition to being great for helping an upset tummy, it is also great in coffee, used as a chicken glaze or added to tea.

If you are not familiar with Ginger, particularly fresh ginger, it does have a kick to it. It is warming to the senses, but not in the same way Chili Peppers are. Its hard to explain. Most children say its ‘hot’ but its only ‘hot’ breifly.

You can save the cooked Ginger for a Pineapple Ginger Chicken Rub/Marinade Recipe.

Generally Crispy Pineapple Ginger Chicken photo 1420052143_Chicken_Broccoli_and_Pineapple_Stirfry-picsay_zpsv8cwu3jc.jpg

Simple Ideas for Keeping 4th of July Healthy

 photo 250287f32167ddf1e15479febc95deab-1_zps6bjk3u9n.jpg

Everyone loves a good BBQ at 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day. For a lot of people this means Hot Dogs chok full of fillers, fatty Hamburgers, soda and greasy potato chips. Of course this stuff is tasty but you can still do fun, easy and tasty food thats good for you.

 photo cd8dab390877cfba85ace6971f5d646f_zpsvzpoi468.jpg
Fruit Infused Water Recipe is great. You can opt out of drinking soda and up your water levels the natural way.

Organic Grass Fed All Beef Hot Dogs This place carries all kinds of organic meats and food items. *shipping on orders over $200 is free!

Organic Ground Beef 85/15 and its priced amazingly fair granted what you would pay for Organic Ground Beef at your local grocer. *again, free shipping on orders over $200

 photo 177437169_sweetpotatochips_web_zpsyt2xa54b.jpeg

Organic Sweet Potato Chips…don’t they look delicious? They cost roughly the same as large bag of conventional chips but they taste great and its a nice change of scenery for your guests. You may turn your friends and family onto something new. If you have a deep fryer and a food processor, you could surely make your own Sweet Potato Chips too using this easy to follow recipe.

 photo eb7df561c62a7dc973cc15375f935955_zpsz5qixejb.jpg
Organic Fruit Kabobs are another great way to get, healthy, cooling foods into the body that hydrate and taste great at the same time. For safety, you can always nip the sharp tip off wooden skewers.

 photo c9cc1ee8d686a69b6f6a37bbdc3d7747_zpsm7anzlxg.jpg

Fresh Fruit Tarts are a great idea.

Do you have a great 4th of July healthy food option that you love? Let’s hear it!

Easy Crab Puff Recipe

Who doesn’t love the awesome, deep fried goodness of Crab Puffs?

 photo 20140619_172218_zps36fo9is9.jpg

The good thing about Crab Puffs is that they are easy to make and clean up is quick.

 photo 20140619_161945_zpszvnpndwf.jpg

What you need:

•1 Package of Egg Roll Wraps
  (I used Nasoya)
•1 (8oz) Package of Cream Cheese (softened)
•1 (8oz) Package of Crab Meat
•1 Teaspoon Minced Garlic (I used jarred)
•1 Dash of Pepper (I used White Pepper and it was a rather big dash)
•2 Teaspoons Minced Oinion (I used a Red/Purple Onion and I just removed one layer of onion instead of cutting the whole onion)
•Glass of Warm Water
•Basting Brush

Set your deep fryer to 375°.

Allow your Cream Chesse to soften enough that you can work with it. Add your Garlic, Pepper and Onion to the Cream Cheese and mix it well. Break up your Crab Meat into small shreds (I chopped mine because I wanted it very fine so my kids wouldn’t get any chunks and refuse to eat anymore). Mix your Crab Meat into your Cream Cheese Mixture and stir until well mixed.

Once you are ready to start filling your Wonton/Egg Roll wraps, take your basting brush and dip it in the glass of warm water and paint a thin layer of water all over your Wonton/Egg Roll Wrapper (the entire surface of one side).

 photo 20140619_164857_zpsstoou5oq.jpg

Scoop about 3 teaspoons of Cream Cheese/Crab filling into one of the corners of the Wonton Wrapper. Fold the opposite side up to cover the filling so that it forms a triangle. I turned/tucked the ends the opposite direction to keep it from falling apart, but you don’t have to.

 photo 20140619_164951_zpshvb2wti8.jpg

I submerged about 4 or 5 Crab Puffs (one at a time) into my hot oil and cooked for 2-3 minutes, turning over midway thru cooking (initially the sink to the bottom but they will come back to the surface pretty quickly)

 photo 20140619_170846_zps2dzoy5ai.jpg

 photo 20140619_170906_zpsr5qipttf.jpg

 photo 20140619_170632_zpsyjhadaet.jpg

I served with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce and Orange Sauce (separately of course).

 photo 20140619_172218_zps36fo9is9.jpg

DIY Taco Bell Quesarito

DIY Taco Bell Quesarito photo quesarito-taco-bell_zpsirj0iyzo.jpeg

While vegging out in front of the TV this weekend, my husband saw a commercial for  Taco Bells New Quesarito which is filled with seasoned beef, premium Latin rice, Chipotle sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, and then wrapped up in a grilled quesadilla loaded with melted cheeses.

In short, its a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla (cheese crisp).

But since we aren’t too keen on fast food, we made one ourselves. It was much easier than I anticipated and we customized them to our own taste.

I used:
(but of course, you can use whatever you like to fill your burrito, heck you can even make it vegetablarian or go vegan and skip/modify or substitute ingredients to fit your taste buds)

•Two Tortillas

•Shredded Cheese (we used Mozzarella since thats what we had on hand)

•Cooked Black Beans (Organic, Canned Low Sodium)

•Corn (Organic, Canned)


•Beef (We ground a chuck roast and diced some purple onions from the garden to give it some flavor)

•Sour Cream


 photo 20140615_173332_zps1p2dbngm.jpg

I cooked the ground beef and diced onions separate and set aside.

I rinsed the canned black bean in a strainer until the water ran clear.

I added the corn (and water from the can) and black beans (rinsed, drained) to a sauce pan and heated them. Set aside.

I gently warmed the tortilla on the griddle so it would fold easy.

I smeared a layer of Sour Cream on the center of the tortilla and then layered the other ingredients (ground beed, rice, corn & black beans, avocado and shredded cheese) and rolled the burrito. If we had Pico De Gallo on hand, I would have added a generous (heaping) scoop, but we didn’t.

I set aside several wrapped/rolled burritos and then began to make the quesadilla (cheese crisp) by laying the second tortilla flat on the lightly buttered griddle and layering a layer of cheese on it and slowly heating it until the cheese melted. Once the cheese was melted, I grabbed one of my prepared burritos and laid the burrito about 1 inch from the edge (nearest to me) of the tortilla (the quesadilla/cheese crisp on the griddle) and began to roll it away from me. It was hot, so take care not to burn yourself. I didn’t bother to tuck the ends of the quesadilla because the burrito on the inside was wrapped well.

And Wha-La…

 photo 20140615_173450_zps98ilpgmp.jpg

Strawberry Lime Jam

Strawberry Lime Jam photo 1402804156_picsay-1402804156_zpsr5jg5irj.jpg

Who doesn’t love Strawberry Limeade? So why not Strawberry Lime Jam?

I wont be going over the “How To’s” of home canning since there are a million ways it can be done and everyone has their own preferences but I will give a basic run down on how I handled making my own.

•1 and 1/3rds Cup of Washed, Strawberries with the tops cut off.

•1 Standard Lime

•3 Teaspoons Bottled Lime Juice (you can use fresh squeezed Lime Juice if you choose)

•1 and 1/2 Tablespoons Pectin (I used Ball RealFruit Clasic Pectin)

•1 Cup of Sugar

Click Here >>>Recipe Calculator<<< for a recipe calculator to help you increase the recipe from 2-10 jars.

I boiled my jars (8oz jars)  and lids (always use new lids when canning to ensure a proper seal and prevent the growth of bacteria)

Washed and Cut the tops of the Strawberries. Washed the outter skin of the Lime.

I tossed the Strawberries, Sugar, Pectin and Lime Juice in the blender and gave it a good whirl until everything was well blended and there were no chunks of strawberries (I like smooth jam). I took the Lime and the Cheese Grater and rubbed all of the Limes outter skin against the rough pokey side (I believe its the side used for Parmesan Cheese grating) until there was no longer any green skin of the lime left. I tossed the fine lime shavings into the blender and gave it another good spin until it was all mixed.

I poured the contents of the blender into a pan and began to heat the fruit mixture on the stove.

I removed the glass jars from the boiling water and placed them on a clean, lint free towel next to the stove and took my pan with the lids off the burner but left the lids in the water.

Once the Strawberries mixture began to boil, I allowed it to come to a rolling boil (continuous stirring so none burned to the botton of the pan) for approximately 2 minutes then turned it off.

* Scoop off foam if you choose. Adding 1/4 tsp of Butter (Real Butter) to the cooking Strawberry mix greatly reduces foaming.

I used a ladel type scooper to begin scooping the strawberry mixture into the hot jars. I filled them to 1/4 of an inch from the top making sure there was no strawberry mixture along the 1/4 inch head space at the top of the jar, on the top rim or the outter rim. Once each jar was filled, I centered the lid (the disc part that has been sitting in the hot water) then placed the band and tightened it 'finger tight' then returned the lidded and banded jars to the water that the jars were boiled in and turned the burner back up to high. Once the water came to a rolling boil, I set a timer for 15 minutes. Once they were done, I pulled them out of the hot water I placed them on the counter to cool and wait for the lids to seal/pop. By morning they were all sealed.

Strawberry Lime Jam photo CYMERA_20140614_212108-picsay_zpsnvdfiw3f.jpg

As you can see from the photo of my sealed jars of Jam, we have very hard water. Next time I will boil my jars in Distilled Water.

Re-Infected with the Chicken Bug

A few years ago I decided that chickens would be a great addition to the house. So we got a few hens, mostly just for fresh eggs. Needless to say, chickens are addictive. It didn’t take long to become infected with the ‘Chicken Bug’.

And having local friends who are “Enablers” always makes hatching ‘THAT’ much easier. In 2012 I took a much needed livestock/chicken break but…I’m back!

I stopped at a friends house to pick up my Emergency Baby Goat Box and left with this…
 photo 20140429_180934_zpswyrzqw0l.jpg

About 6-8 days later you can see tiny veins when you shine a bright flashlight thru the egg.
 photo 20140504_173414-picsay_zpsxb1qbkfu.jpg

This is a blood ring (the dark band around the center of the egg). This egg has quit developing (died).
Blood Ring photo 20140504_173309_zpsz2zfkwvq.jpg

First Pip (Day 21)
Pip photo 1401174056_picsay-1401174056_zpsv3vpwl98.jpg

Day 21…Hatch Day!
 photo 20140519_025023-picsay_zpsyyuznkau.jpg

Moving from the incubator…
 photo 20140519_131711-picsay_zpsplj6tase.jpg

To a nice warm home
 photo 20140519_133037-picsay_zpswhntyxkc.jpg