Cinco De Mayo Fun, Food and Activities for Everyone

Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) is a commemorative celebration of the  Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during Franco vs Mexico War  from 1861-1867. It is celebrated (most commonly) in the United States and Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is often misidentified as Mexico’s Independence Day which is September 16th.

History of Cinco de Mayo – A fantastic history and clarification about Cinco de Mayo and Mexico’s Independence Day  (September 16th).

Fried Taco Shells if you have a large family, this is definitely the most economical way to do taco shells. Many Corn Tortillas are Gluten Free (Gluten is an issue at my house and I prefer a fried corn tortilla over a gluten free ‘flour-like’ tortilla-ANYDAY!)
 photo 63c4841981613f5025cf7779a14912a0_zpsxf6n09wq.jpg

Plastic Maracas from Easter Eggs and Spoons -Oriential Trading Company
 photo 72b842fbd9c729f11d1f43af73c9f7d7_zpsh28zgdvx.jpg

Cinco de Mayo Coloring Sheets Other activities and ideas as well.
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Fantastic Cinco de Mayo Food I really love the idea of individial Dip Cups!
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Mini Pinatas from empty toilet paper rolls
 photo 798679db59fa4c07072e51d4c931e0a3_zpscmxrims2.jpg

Festive Lime with Candles Centerpiece
 photo 798679db59fa4c07072e51d4c931e0a3_zpscmxrims2.jpg

Cinco de Mayo Jello
 photo 9288ca6c0a1ec4b1e0d1a15d2c8d8d46_zpsuirfvw7w.jpg

Lavender Margarita
 photo 134f31f9171bfadfcba119bde1832acc_zpsjcaezqgf.jpg
2.5 oz of Jose Cuervo Traditional
1 oz of Parfait Amour Orange Liqueur (where the purple color comes from)
1/4 oz Lime Juice
1/4 oz Simple Syrup
Garnish with a Lime

Cinco De Mayo Nail Art
 photo c75cd652f59c251fd6533a01b7260ba8_zpspbkoixxn.jpg

 photo a4a5fa3668849ae760fd148af2329455_zpsf2bsu7ch.jpg

 photo af125cd5c4d6a1515a79f8ea6aae963f_zpsbtv8b48k.jpg

Simple Ideas for Keeping 4th of July Healthy

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Everyone loves a good BBQ at 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day. For a lot of people this means Hot Dogs chok full of fillers, fatty Hamburgers, soda and greasy potato chips. Of course this stuff is tasty but you can still do fun, easy and tasty food thats good for you.

 photo cd8dab390877cfba85ace6971f5d646f_zpsvzpoi468.jpg
Fruit Infused Water Recipe is great. You can opt out of drinking soda and up your water levels the natural way.

Organic Grass Fed All Beef Hot Dogs This place carries all kinds of organic meats and food items. *shipping on orders over $200 is free!

Organic Ground Beef 85/15 and its priced amazingly fair granted what you would pay for Organic Ground Beef at your local grocer. *again, free shipping on orders over $200

 photo 177437169_sweetpotatochips_web_zpsyt2xa54b.jpeg

Organic Sweet Potato Chips…don’t they look delicious? They cost roughly the same as large bag of conventional chips but they taste great and its a nice change of scenery for your guests. You may turn your friends and family onto something new. If you have a deep fryer and a food processor, you could surely make your own Sweet Potato Chips too using this easy to follow recipe.

 photo eb7df561c62a7dc973cc15375f935955_zpsz5qixejb.jpg
Organic Fruit Kabobs are another great way to get, healthy, cooling foods into the body that hydrate and taste great at the same time. For safety, you can always nip the sharp tip off wooden skewers.

 photo c9cc1ee8d686a69b6f6a37bbdc3d7747_zpsm7anzlxg.jpg

Fresh Fruit Tarts are a great idea.

Do you have a great 4th of July healthy food option that you love? Let’s hear it!

Handmade Dia De Los Muertos Pendant

 photo 20140417_010234-picsay_zps3jhbclpl.jpg

Everyone who knows me, knows I love Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)  which is traditionally celebrated (on November 1st and 2nd) in many Latin Countries to honor and celebrate the lives of relatives and ancestors who have passed on from this earth.

This Clay Pendant is something new that I have been working on. I’m not entirely sure I am pleased with the outcome (which naturally means I will end up making many more of these until I am satisfied).

Its made of Natural Terra Cotta Colored Clay (not Polymer Clay), hand stamped and detailed using powdered Pigments and sealed.

Id love to hear any feedback you may have. 🙂

Easter Bunny Napkin Holders

This year Easter 2014 falls on Sunday April 20th.
 photo 20140406_165356-picsay_zpszkpdihou.jpg

Growing up, my parents always made Holidays special around our house. Easter was no exception. My mom decorated our house with lots of expensive decor and everything was so  beautiful. She has passed many of old family decorations on to me. I, however, find alot of these things to be irreplaceable and I like keeping them stored safely away from two rambunctious 4 year olds and a boisterous 3 year old. So I’ve made it my mission to decorate (with their assistance) using things that I wouldnt be crushed over if it got broken. Like toilet paper rolls.

One of our recent project has been Bunny Napkin Holders for the dinner table. And we made them out of empty toilet paper holders.

Supplies Needed:

•Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
 photo 880194_toilet_paper_roll_zpswqg199c8.jpeg
•Sheet of White Paper
•Pink Sheet of Paper
•Stampin’ Up Petal Card Punch (you can draw your ears on paper and cut them out if you don’t have this punch)
 photo 20140406_161628-csay_zpst90d42mk.jpg
•Googly Eyes (or you can paint your eyes on)
•Acrylic Craft Paint (I used Walmarts cheapest paint .57¢ a bottle)
•Paint Brush
•Paper Towel
•Black Sharpie
•Accessories to decorate your Bunny
 photo 20140406_161544-picsay_zpso9dkacrl.jpg

 photo 20140406_165154-picsay_zpsgcanzimp.jpg


Save your empty toilet paper rolls. Make sure you pick off any rubbery adhesive or bits of toilet paper stuck to the glue on the toilet paper roll. Take your choice of acrylic paint and apply two coats of paint to the toilet paper roll, allowing each coat of paint to dry between coats. Be sure to paint the circular edge and set it on top of your paper towel to dry (I found it was a bit of a pain if you paint both ends and set it on the paper towel…it will stick to the paper towel and you’ll get stuck picking lint/paper towel bits off your Bunny. So paint one end and let it dry before flipping it over and painting the other side). You can paint as much of the inside of the roll as you would like. I paint the inside of the rolls because I can be a bit of a perfectionist at some things. If you do paint the insides, be sure the paint on the outside of the roll is fully dry (or you end up with a squishy wet mess). While paint is drying you can cut/punch  out the ears for the bunny. And glue the inner section of the ear to the outter section of the ear (see photo above). Glue googly eyes on. Draw your nose, whiskers and teeth on the bunnys face. Use white acrylic craft paint to make the teeth white. Once the inside of your toilet paper has dried, you can glue your bunny ears on to your roll. I then glued little felt flowers with Rhinestones and bows onto my bunnies. You can go back with your marker and make sure the white paint for the teeth hasn’t overlapped the lines and clean it up a bit with your marker if you need to.

*Alternatively, you can make your toilet paper roll into a chick if you paint it yellow and cut out an orange diamond shape (fold it in half to make a beak) and draw some feet on orange paper and cut them out and glue them on.

If you are anything like me and my crafty quartet, you probably now have more Napkin Holders than napkins. Enjoy!