Cinco De Mayo Fun, Food and Activities for Everyone

Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) is a commemorative celebration of the  Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during Franco vs Mexico War  from 1861-1867. It is celebrated (most commonly) in the United States and Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is often misidentified as Mexico’s Independence Day which is September 16th.

History of Cinco de Mayo – A fantastic history and clarification about Cinco de Mayo and Mexico’s Independence Day  (September 16th).

Fried Taco Shells if you have a large family, this is definitely the most economical way to do taco shells. Many Corn Tortillas are Gluten Free (Gluten is an issue at my house and I prefer a fried corn tortilla over a gluten free ‘flour-like’ tortilla-ANYDAY!)
 photo 63c4841981613f5025cf7779a14912a0_zpsxf6n09wq.jpg

Plastic Maracas from Easter Eggs and Spoons -Oriential Trading Company
 photo 72b842fbd9c729f11d1f43af73c9f7d7_zpsh28zgdvx.jpg

Cinco de Mayo Coloring Sheets Other activities and ideas as well.
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Fantastic Cinco de Mayo Food I really love the idea of individial Dip Cups!
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Mini Pinatas from empty toilet paper rolls
 photo 798679db59fa4c07072e51d4c931e0a3_zpscmxrims2.jpg

Festive Lime with Candles Centerpiece
 photo 798679db59fa4c07072e51d4c931e0a3_zpscmxrims2.jpg

Cinco de Mayo Jello
 photo 9288ca6c0a1ec4b1e0d1a15d2c8d8d46_zpsuirfvw7w.jpg

Lavender Margarita
 photo 134f31f9171bfadfcba119bde1832acc_zpsjcaezqgf.jpg
2.5 oz of Jose Cuervo Traditional
1 oz of Parfait Amour Orange Liqueur (where the purple color comes from)
1/4 oz Lime Juice
1/4 oz Simple Syrup
Garnish with a Lime

Cinco De Mayo Nail Art
 photo c75cd652f59c251fd6533a01b7260ba8_zpspbkoixxn.jpg

 photo a4a5fa3668849ae760fd148af2329455_zpsf2bsu7ch.jpg

 photo af125cd5c4d6a1515a79f8ea6aae963f_zpsbtv8b48k.jpg

Popsicle Stick Crafting

 photo 974e16cba545ae2a9fc04ddfc8466645_zpsh0pltnet.jpeg

Somehow, I recently ended up becoming the proud owner of a nearby friends craft stash declutter. Why he had 763,286 craft (popsicle) sticks in the first place…I dont know. But when he said “Do you want them”? Naturally, I Said “Um, yeah”! Of course I wanted them. It doesn’t even matter that I had no clue what I would do with them, but that doesnt really matter. She who has the most craft crap, is truly happiest.

So bring on the ideas…

I’ve always wanted to learn to weave. When I was in elementary school an elder from the Navajo Nation came to our school and taught us how to weave. While I kind of remember sone of the basics, I do need a refresher. Of course, this one isn’t being taught by an elder from one of the Navajo Nations, but it does involve popsicle sticks and I seem to have an abundance of those. So that’s what we are going with today.

An ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Popsicle Stick Weaving Loom Tutorial.

 photo Screenshot_2014-06-08-18-50-15_zpsopogthf_edit_1402278951678_zpsbvklpn5f.png

Do It Yourself Knitting Loom made from Popsicle Sticks by She Knows. Basically this is a somewhat free version of Loom kits that sell for $10 and up.

Perspective – I know this one doesn’t come with Godseye (Gods Eye) instructions, but its called a
Click Here for a advanced Godseye Instructions

With one of my kids we even managed to make our Godseye with extra bits of sting randomly placed and not wound around the sticks and we turned it into a windchime.
The beautiful windchime made by my 5 year old artist, Eclipse.
 photo 20140608_193030-picsay_zpsdxbnx8yv.jpg

What do with popsicle sticks for fun?

Make anything neat? We want to see!

Making (Upcycled) Fridge Magnets

 photo 20140429_225440-picsay_zpsdnmgy7wr.jpg

Who wants ugly fridge magnets? We all have these old, mass produced magnets that came out of the yellow pages for business services you would never use in a million years. Why not turn them into magnets that you actually like? Since these magnets are usually printed on a thin magnetic sheet, they aren’t strong enough to hold clay or polymer but they are perfect for stickers. I’ve done this with magnetic sheets as long as I can remember.

All you need is:

•  Magnetic Sheet or Old Fridge Magnet
•  Scissors 
•  Adhesive Stickers

 photo 20140429_225239-picsay_zps4vtkllle.jpg

This is a very easy project. Kids who are capable of using scissors can even do this project. As you can see, I used glue crusted childrens safety scissors and My Little Pony stickers that I confiscated from a coloring book (My kids have an allergy to adhesive and if they stick a sticker on their skin, when the sticker is removed, so is multiple layers of skin and they end up with raw, open sores where the sticker was at. So stickers are off limits for obvious reasons).

Another option is adhesive sheets of paper and use rubber stamps to make something unique. Or give your kids some art supplies and see what fabulous creation the come up with. 

Decide how you will place the stickers on the magnetic sheet to get the most out of it.

Apply the stickers to the sheet, making sure not to overlap the edges.

*Be sure you apply them to the correct side of the magnetic sheet. If it is an old business service magnet, apply the sticker to the printed side*

Use your scissors to trim the sticker out. I line my scissors right up to the edge and I cut it out. The scissors seem to be great at catching the ledge of the sticker perfectly. The goal is not to have any sticker overlapping the edge of the magnet or else it will lift, peel or get scratched up.

Slap ’em on the fridge!

*Walmart carries a variety of magnetic sheets, disc magnets and business card adhesive magnets (intended to stick a business card to so its a magnetic business card) in their Craft and in their Business Supply section of the store.

40+ Awesome Heart Nail Designs (Valentine’s Day)

40+ Awesome Valentine’s Day/Heart Designed Nails. Some of these may be nail wraps like Jam Berry and others may bethe talent of a great nail artist. Either way, all artwork is the highly respected property of the creator. Credits indicated on photos but unfortunately some artwork is by unknown talents. Lovely, nonetheless. Hooe you enjoy!

Stay posted, My Matte Nail Favorites will be coming soon!

 photo 18723d1d98212189ea2e9191e0fdf31f_zps1hwnohte.jpg

 photo 7a04d08d4896b150983159e8250bb1cb_zpsntqtbibb.jpg

 photo c400d9ffa6489416b7eab3eb981f88ed_zpshj78dd6f.jpg

 photo cfa636138c865aca7172a9bd9bd0c073_zpsn4pj7dmu.jpg

 photo 8f3a7ffef7b42263d4f03bb2dd831893_zpsxtvcatzn.jpg

 photo c42470c42c588fb7b2ac8da78d171247_zpsdyn4vxc8.jpg

 photo 5954b625d6a83530ed018fc859876770_zpsvprvyygm.jpg

 photo 09e5096646ceeb51b25fa0684b7692ce_zpsj4vjwqfj.jpg

 photo ec770eff0b4bcedc41eb20a4c6c434fa_zpsgihumloi.jpg

 photo 2953c89998954363bf7864d7c26c484d_zpsar1bb6qy.jpg

 photo 1e6831bd3c8a9738d9a7521229ea5d32_zpshfovyevt.jpg

 photo cfc0bdb4893bdb4fa0887b9429614ddc_zpsygjtlfqi.jpg

 photo 4129e4ece7bbfdb2664aa0d1eff1ec00_zpssep5rzzd.jpg

 photo 7a04d08d4896b150983159e8250bb1cb_zpsntqtbibb.jpg

 photo 72221c05999d83a9abda93ddb609d7f1_zpsjfywld5z.jpg

 photo 59b471d816555d12901aadf964e47e7a_zpsk9ioshck.jpg

 photo 4c2bec3859a04d3c19202c0da9b9dd5d_zpswl2jns1q.jpg

 photo 42ea1c2cfe6c42225edff93232129ba9_zpsc7xr0z1i.jpg

 photo 174703bb418d67c8c53091b7b25c8871_zpsgfddezjs.jpg

 photo 26a2b621e8cf1458978120b64041cb91_zps6hfv5fkg.jpg

 photo 8055dfc6ecd93cc3fdf0bd781beb90f3_zpsknv2jneb.jpg

 photo 3f14a968b1a068c1b4e3a9df70b4f568_zpsb7b9g3in.jpg

 photo 7632106d8ab2ee0429c13248c6d59f33_zpsrphtppwc.jpg

 photo f8fbe26f1eaf2d6035909efd89685fbf_zpscnd2y4ib.jpg

 photo 9092c9ee609a282a344b86d6ee9dee00_zpszzmrpch2.jpg

 photo 8fa9d0c85f84658e7b417c1eb340a2c2_zpsp1a3xlrm.jpg

 photo c3eb656f03c7578f407decb41d0aedaa_zpslc8oca2z.jpg

 photo 395b6d8b0906c71857a24ed3482d4b32_zpsv6tcbahc.jpg

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